Two Sweeps Anyone?

With the Cavs taking care of business on the road and the Warriors protecting homecourt, we have two 2-0 series in favor of the favored. Do I hear whispers of sweep?

With the Hawks hurting, the Cavs are now gearing to bring brooms in Games 3 and 4 at home even without Irving. First Carroll, now Horford and Korver. Carroll seems to be good enough to play although we can no longer get his average PRA. Korver was showing his usual self before hurting his ankle. They just can't get a break. 

Tentative picks..
Game 3: DeMarre Carroll
Game 4: Kyle Korver (if healthy and 0-3; otherwise, Bazemore)

The Rockets are more likely to get a win or two in Houston, but Harden knew they really needed a road win as he slumped to the ground in agony at the end of Game 2. It will be hard to win Games 5 and 7 in Golden State. Unlike the other series, this is more likely to go at least 5 games as the Rockets really had a chance to win any of the first two games. So I can now get Terrence Jones into the mix.

Sure picks..
Game 3: Terrence Jones
Game 4: Klay Thompson
Game 5: Draymond Green

If Warriors sweep, much better. Will gladly go Green-Thompson-Irving-James-Barnes in the Finals.

Bad days in DTTF.


  1. Hi guys!!!
    I'm very sorry i was not able to post anymore in this forum. I changed city for working and this was my first month there (live in Milan now, i'm from Italy). I still have to make a wifi connection and i really don't have time during the day. During the weekend I come back home and have more time. Anyway I always follow your comments, everyday, and I obviously continued picking in DTTF. This season is not going to be as good as tha last one, I had some horrible picks and i'm on 73 pct right now with 916 points :(
    I was sure about the Clippers beating the Rockets and I picked Josh Smith instead of Deandre in game 7 losing many points and a player.
    Then I had 10 from T Jones in game 1, 18 from Klay in game 2, and the horrible 11 from Millsap last night...This week ruined my rank a lot.
    With the Hawks down 0-2 I will pick Teague in game 3 and Korver/Carroll in game 4 considering it will probably be a sweep. Atlanta cannot do anything against the King.
    In the West I really think it can be more interesting, and i would not be surprised if it will be 2-2 after game 4. Warriors in 6 imho.
    Tonight Corey Brewer gets my pick, hoping he will be more active at home, and I don't have other reliable options from the Rockets. Maybe Jason Terry but i wanna stay away from him.

    Considering the Final will be Warriors-Cavs I wanna save Steph, LeBron, Irving and Green for sure. JR, Shumpert and Tristan Thompson as options. That's why I'm gonna pick Barnes/Iguodala/Bogut against the Rockets to cover the absence of reliable picks from Houston.

    My plan is:

    game 3: Teague
    game 4: Korver/Carroll
    Don't think there will be a game 5

    game 3: Brewer
    game 4: Barnes
    game 5: Bogut
    game 6: Iguodala
    I could change the order of these 3 Warriors but that's all.
    IF there will be a game 7 it's CURRY, no way.

    Cheers guys!!! When I can I'll post something for sure!!!

  2. The Cavs looking like 99% to sweep the Hawks means that we might not have to dig too deep into the Rockets. A full slate of Cavaliers next round means we have 6 reasonable picks in LeBron James, Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving (or Dellavedova is Irving is hurt), Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, and Timofey Mozgov, so we only need one Warrior for the finals. I plan to make that Warrior Stephen Curry. I've already picked Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, so that would leave the likes of Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut to pick this round. So that minimizes the number of sketchy Rockets to take a chance on. Tonight, I'm picking the least sketchy of those Rockets, Terrence Jones, who's been getting solid minutes as of late and seems more reliable than the roller coaster that is Cory Brewer. Not sure what to expect from Jones, somewhere between 10 to 25. I'm hopeful he reaches the upper end of his scoring spectrum.My percentile has been steadily increasing this round up to 78th right now. My picks haven't been good, but everyone I went with has been in the 20's, which seems to be something to rejoice about as of late.

    1. Yep 20 PRA is the sweet spot nowadays.

    2. I'm switching to Harrison Barnes today and Terrence Jones for Game 4. #coldpickstrategy #aceeecurse

    3. Hopefully this is the curse reverse though I hate going with >25%.

  3. So Korver got hurt afterall? When I saw 32 in the minutes column I wondered why he could only get 3 PAR in 3 quarters... I guess that turned out to be 3 PAR in 2 quarters...
    And sadly it appeared coming into this round that 20+ PAR would be the sad victory most of the time, I've missed that 3 straight games and barely made it the 1st time.
    Three out of five Hawks starters injured in two games and one of the two who didn't get hurt (Millsap) I used last round. This means two out of three Hawks I have left got hurt in some way but the way the first two games went, one of them won't be used due to a now most likely sweep. Hortford appears to have the most mild case as he came back in to play after getting hurt so he and Teague (the only injury free Hawk starter I have left) will be my picks for games 3 and 4, now the big question that always faces me when picking between two similar level players, which FREAKIN ORDER?! Taking Terrence Jones today despite 27% since I have no confidence in any one other than Curry and Green and want to save em for the finals, so if I get a bad PAR at least a bunch will get the same bad score too.

  4. Atlanta put in a woeful lack of effort in a must win game and are now down 0-2 to the Cleveland Cavaliers after punting both home games, and they looked horrible doing so. I cannot imagine how this series doesn't end with a Cleveland 4-0 sweep. Atlanta has been grossly outplayed and seems entirely disinterested, and it seems hard to believe they are going to play better than they did at home, going to play the next two games at Cleveland.

    Cleveland destroyed the Hawks in both Atlanta home games and head back home to finish things out. Wave goodbye to Atlanta as their 2015 Playoffs is all but finished.

    This also spells doom for DTTF players picking Atlanta Hawks, because this team looks ready to quit already, and they still have games left, and players to use. The outlook isn't hopeful going forward, and I can easily see Atlanta laying down like the Chicago Bulls did in Cleveland's previous series. This isn't the old days where players gave it their all even when things are down. These new age players (for the most part) quit, when things look bleak. Players playing for pride, is very rare any more. So those picking Atlanta players now could be headed for huge disappointments going forward unfortunately. Hopefully I can get lucky and pick the Atlanta player(s) that haven't decided to mail it in yet. However I am very less than hopeful of that actually happening.

    I kept my pick of Kent Bazemore (woeful 9 PRA) because of looking for information all day, and seeing how discouraging all of the news was concerning DeMarre Carroll's (also woeful 9 PRA) situation. I was shocked to see he was actually starting, and I never figured he would last the whole game dealing with his injuries. Well Carroll did last the whole game, 33 minutes of it anyway. Bazemore only got to play 11 minutes, and he put up an identical score to what Carroll did in 33 minutes. The Atlanta coach should have never started Carroll, it was a stupid choice, compounded by the fact that he let him play the entire game, despite the fact that DeMarre Carroll was doing next to nothing out there. Should have put Bazemore out there, at least per minute, he was actually doing something. And looking at the rest of the Atlanta team, none of those players were doing much of anything either, so it wasn't like this team was dealing with a whole lot of prosperity. Try something different. It probably won't work, but what you are doing, certainly isn't working either. So no sense sticking with that.

    Best picks (overall): LeBron James (50 PRA), Matthew Dellavedova (21 PRA), but their team won. Still would have rather picked Dellavedova as a substitute putting up good numbers replacing a starter. Other than LeBron he was definitely the pick of the night.

    Best picks (facetiously) from the losing Atlanta team: Jeff Teague (21 PRA), Al Horford (20 PRA), Dennis Schroder (17 PRA), Mike Scott (14 PRA)

    Horrible picks: Basically the entire Atlanta team. We'll single out Paul Millsap (11 PRA), and DeMarre Carroll (9 PRA), but the entire team was woefully below average, other than Mike Scott and Dennis Schroder.

    Wish I would have picked Matthew Dellavedova despite Cleveland winning. When picking a scrub, when they do good, you feel better. When you pick a scrub and they are horrible, it doesn't feel as awful as picking someone you expect to do well, and that player stinks up the court and plays like garbage, or gets hurt, or gets in foul trouble. In those cases you feel horrible, especially when picking an elite player, and any of those dreadful things happen.

    1. I also thought starting Carroll was a bad choice. They tried to do a Willis Reed, but really that has happened very rarely again since Reed. Also, Bazemore sounded pumped up and was looking forward to it.

      Carroll was to blame. He is an incoming free agent and he maybe thought he could better sell himself by doing this. Hawks should have not let him play imho.

  5. Korver out for the rest of the playoffs.
    This means the Hawks will certainly be swept.
    Game 3: Teague (as planned)
    Game 4: Carroll (if plays well in game 3 and prove to be healthy) or Bazemore/Schroder

    1. losing Korver in DTTF is a blow. i believe he was starting to find his groove back in G2.

      thanks for the info, Matteo. might pick a starting wing player coz of it. hawks need shooters.

  6. Golden State is up 2-0 after winning both home games. Golden State went 4-0 vs. Houston during the regular season. The only difference being that Houston actually kept the two road playoff games close, unlike during the regular season where they got whipped in every one of the 4 games by at least 11 points or more. Looking at that, and the fact that Houston very nearly won Game #2 in Golden State, and you have to believe that the Rockets will win at least one, if not both games played back on home court in Houston. Much to the dismay of everyone who has gutted basically their entire Houston Rockets roster.

    That is the spot I am in, and I only have two Houston Rockets left to pick, barring some injury that opens up other options. I have Jason Terry and Josh Smith left as viable Rockets picks. I will go with Jason Terry in Game #3. It would be exceptional if JET could equal or better his Playoff high of 22 PRA, but anything over 15 PRA for him will be considered a reasonable success based on his numbers.

    I'll pick Josh Smith in Game #4, then turn to the Golden State roster after that, unless some other miraculous thing opens up.

  7. Very surprised that 1% of people still have James Harden and Dwight Howard to pick, and 10% still on Trevor Ariza, with how these playoffs have played out. And that is just today's picks. Others apparently still get to play them on the other days.

    How did these players not already get used?

    1. Houston Rockets fans who believed.

    2. I believe the post below may also have something to do with those still having Dwight Howard and James Harden etc. to pick. Start another account and circumvent the rules. I wasn't really considering that scenario when looking at the numbers of people still picking players that should already have been used.

      Hopefully they catch those that do that, but it wouldn't surprise me at all, if someone was able to get away with doing it.

      For the car, they would definitely make you sign to claim your prize because of the taxes involved. I don't know what the procedure would be for the lesser prizes, but with a television involved, the amount involved probably qualifies to need to be a signer for tax purposes.

      That is how they could be potentially caught, when they compare that name with those attempting to claim the prize, to see if there is a duplicate name on their player listing.

  8. Hey guys I was wondering do u win anything if you win the week in drive to the finals. I made another account aside from my other one to win the week and I won ,as arunsekar157

    1. There is a prize for every round (4), and the overall prize of the car (25K value). It has nothing to do with the week, it goes by the rounds.

      I also thought you were limited to 1 account per person, to qualify for any prize.

    2. The other account is linked to another person so that's why and I always thought u win something for winning the week cuz then why would people go all out in one week only and then stop playing entirely

    3. I guess to see their name on the leaderboard, because otherwise, there is no significant advantage to using all of the name players first, with disregard to which teams will be playing at the end or in later rounds, and which ones will not be.

      I guess they quit after they use up all of the players that they have heard of before, and couldn't be bothered trying to pick from the lesser players, or after they use up those named players, don't have a clue who to pick next. I don't have an answer to that, other than that.

      Prizes are determined by entire rounds, not weeks.

  9. Warriors 62-37 Rockets
    Are you kidding me?
    Hmm if this continues, more garbage time for the bench. Did Terrence start?

    1. I know right? Who would have expected a 35 point blowout in Houston after 2 games in GS that were decided by a combined 5 points? Never the less Jones only got 19 minutes and despite the blowout which should have meant the entire 4th quarter, he did not even get half of that, he did get 5 late PAR to salvage double digits with an 11 but you see the way this round has gone, granted it isn't a surprise with the PAR results in this series, that East is where we are getting screwed. Iman Shumpert decides to go 1/7 from the field in G1, leading to by far the worst PAR of the five Cleveland starters, naturally he went 6/11 in G2. Kyle Korver got 0 PAR in the 2nd half of G2 (14 overall) thanks to an injury and doing absolute nothing in 11 3rd quarter minutes and then he got hurt, and is gone for the season which is now just 2 more losses for the Hawks.

  10. Hey Alex Herges, I've got some Harrison Barnes rebounds. I'll trade you some for at least a couple of Harrison Barnes points. Wow, I said I was making the cold pick, didn't think Barnes would take that so literally!

  11. Wow, b2b blowouts how can this happen? Finally, someone has surpass at least 25 PAR. I went with Josh Smith who had 28 PAR tied with Dwight Howard. A lucky pick I did not take Terrance Jones, coach never played him much despite Josh was playing well.

    Onto the ECF, Korver is out for the remainder of the playoffs. Now my best remaining Hawk is Horford and Carroll. I could also insert Bazemore, Schroder or a Cav.


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