Do or Die

It's good when a series like the Hawks-Nets show some stability -- the home team has won all five games. That trend may or may not continue in Game 6 as the Hawks look to finish the Nets off on the road, but at least the notion of Game 7 in Atlanta has this series favoring the Hawks.

I have already picked Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson, and now it's Deron William's time to step to the plate. He had 47 PRA in Game 4 in Brooklyn that helped tie the series, and the same situation has presented itself. Granted this is a do-or-die for the Nets, Deron has showed he can carry this team, and I can only wish he lives up to that in Game 6. If not, I'll take his average PRA of 23.

As for the West, the Spurs and the Clippers each have won twice on the road. Because of that, homecourt advantage doesn't hold anymore. Besides, the Spurs are a veteran team whose core has done all these before. Game 7s are a routine to them.

I have Chris Paul penciled in for Saturday. If they win, then I lose all Spurs' PRA. I can debate between that fear of loss and the master plan, but I won't do that. Win or lose, I am sticking with it.

So who is picking a Spur?


  1. I'm picking JJ tonight, then Kawhi Leonard on Saturday.

    I still have Chris Paul and DJ from the Clips, but seeing as Kawhi is only averaging 4 points less than CP3, I don't expect to lose out much if any. And I want to be able to pick CP3 in the next round if they make it. I would pick DJ but I think the Spurs will hack him more than they did in Game 6, and so Doc might bench him more. Plus I'm expecting a much better offensive game from Kawhi tomorrow.

  2. Damn, in DTTF this game7 is not a good thing, for me at least, but in real life it's so exciting!! It's going to be an amazing game, and it's 55% Spurs chance to win it, being more experinced in this kind of games. Duncan, Ginobili, Parker are all expected to step up on saturday. It's THEIR game. If they lose, it will be the end of their amazing dynasty.

    My big concern is related with that last consideration too. I mean, I already picked CP3 and Blake, my only reliable Clipper remaining is DJ. Have all the Spurs left and in a first moment i would pick kawhi. BUT, did you considered the possibility of being the last career game of TD? I smell one of his legendary games. Kawhi is a safe choice too, but Timmy is Timmy guys. The question is: Go big or go home, picking DJ and saving all the Spurs hoping for their win? Or go safe, picking KAwhi/Duncan saving DJ if the Clippers win? Damn, such a difficult decision i'm honest.

    Right now, I'd pick a Spurs, but everything could happen in the next hours.

    Oh, well there is also Nets-Hawks tonight: D-Will gets my pick!

  3. I'm picking a Spur. It's Kahwi Leonard for me. After my bad luck recently (Thanks Giannis for the expulsion), I need to go big or go broke. This means saving potential huge PRA (Griffin, Paul and Jordan), for the Clippers, whom I see as favourable in a matchup against the Rockets if they were to get through.

    1. Good to know that you're picking Leonard. I'm picking Duncan, so I'm glad there's less of a chance that my player gets ejected. Unless Joey Crawford is refereeing. Then Duncan becomes a risky play, as you never know if Crawford will challenge Timmy D to a fight.

  4. I've got DWill tonight as well. As for Spurs-Clippers series, I've only used Blake, last night.I honestly thought, this whole series, Clippers would defeat Spurs.Just a feeling I have & tommarow will let me know if my feeling is right. I agree with Matteo, possibly Duncan's last game & Timmy is Timmy, therefore I'm going big & taking Duncan over Kwahi.

  5. Duncan. As Clipps have more players with good PRA, my first pick was Griffin (the most consistent) with series tied 2-2. Next pick would be CP3 (if Clipps lose) or Duncan (if they win). In this way, I saved potential picks in both teams and that's why I'm going with Duncan on Saturday. If Clipps pass, I'll have Jordan. If Spurs do it, I'll have Kwahi.
    ...And I had used the 3 more consistent players.

    1. I'm in the EXACT position as you. I did Blake, then CP3 & now Duncan. If Clips pass I'll have Jordan and if the Spurs pass I'll have Kwahi & others. Too risky to pick a 3rd Clipper when they're playing at home.

  6. Griffin was not too shabby after a so-so start in the game. Nice to have a daily leader again. Not so nice that the Clippers won. That makes it interesting.

    Who to pick for game 7? Have picked: Griffin. Have left: Everybody else. So I could pick Paul and trust #neverbetagainstthespurs. OR I could pick a Spur and have everybody but 1 of the winner team for round 2 against the Rockets who I pick to go out in that series.

    I don't know if Timmy D retires after this season. Why would he? He is still young and good. Only scenario I see him retiring is the Spurs winning it all and he being finished after b2b championships.

    I really cannot imagine g7 being a blowout for either team. And I trust Duncan to do more than Kawhi. My pick goes to the best power forward in the history of the game (so far). If the Spurs win, I' ll have Kawhi and everybody else, not too shabby. If the Clips win I'll have everyone but Griffin.

    I have honestly no idea who will prevail. But whoever does, they will beat the Rockets.

    Tonight? D-Will. Think the Hawks will close out.

  7. Told you guys Clippers would win and in game 7 Spurs will win quite easily I reckon. Clippers should be going through but for me they needed a lead to win this series and that game 5 will haunt them. Spurs have exp and have faced better teams then this, they'll be hitting their 3's and will be more efficient while Clippers will be nervous and get frustrated when they foul DJ for most of a qtr which will probably make the NBA change the rules next season.

    Hawks should finish Nets today. I have JJ today I saved him for this game. I expect more then his 31 average. Young for me is a better pick then DWill if I had to pick one of them.

  8. The Spurs failed miserably to get the job done on their home court and that series will go back to LA in a deciding Game #7 on Saturday night, to the dismay of everyone who picked a Clipper player last night (myself included). I never thought the Spurs would fail to deliver at home, and really thought they would play much better than they did, but it never happened, they were poor other than Marco Belinelli who kept them in the game with his three point shooting. Belinelli ended up with 26 PRA and was the best player from San Antonio, other than Tim Duncan (28 PRA) and tied with Boris Diaw (26 PRA) from the losing San Antonio Spurs.

    Hack-a-Jordan was once again used throughout the game, especially in the first half, and completely ruined the first 2 quarters for Blake Griffin and Chris Paul (along with horrendous shooting). Both Blake Griffin (44 PRA) and Chris Paul (38 PRA) had big second halfs to secure the somewhat surprising road win.

    The Spurs throughout the course of the year had only lost 9 home games up to last night, so them losing seemed less than likely. That is why I picked a Clipper player (Blake Griffin) thinking that the Spurs would win and eliminate the Clippers. Unfortunately that did not happen at all. Now I used the best Clipper player, anyone can win this series now, and the Clippers have the advantage being at home for Game #7, although no one seems to be able to win on their home court in this series at all. One absolutely horrible turn of events, that is for sure.

    Wish I would have picked DeAndre Jordan (29 PRA) with the Hack-a-Jordan strategy being played out. He would have never gotten anywhere near that without that happening, and I still would have Blake Griffin to play in either Game #7 at home, where he is sure to light it up, as he plays better at home. Or even next round if/when the Clippers make it there.

    Horrible night all the way around.

    Since Marco Belinelli probably won't score 26 PRA again, he was probably the pick of the night, especially if they end up eliminated.

    Chicago absolutely pasted Milwaukee, but from the losing Bucks Jerryd Bayless (16 PRA) was best, so you didn't miss anything noteworthy from that game at all. Chicago woke up (and moved to the next round) as the Bucks completely laid down in shame.

  9. For tonight, Atlanta has yet to lose a home game, so this series is still favoring them to move on. Even if they lose tonight in Brooklyn, they have that going for them. So with that in mind I will pick from the Nets squad whether this be the last game or next to last for them, assuming Atlanta wins at least Game #7 at home, if not tonight.

    Deron Williams has had one monster game in this series for 47 PRA, and he did that at home in Game #4. Every other game in this series (3 road, 1 other home game) he has put up 16-20 PRA in each of them. So rolling the dice here, and hoping Deron Williams explodes at home again in this one. Getting 47 PRA would be great, but I would gladly settle for 30+ PRA tonight if he could make that happen.

    This series is much easier (at least so far), than that Clipper vs. Spurs fiasco, which is going to be one huge mess to deal with.

    1. It already is a huge mess for me, unless I take CP3 and the Spurs win.

  10. I have Joe Johnson so naturally Brook Lopez is up 14-6 on him after JJ won 31-20 in G5.

  11. JJ within 1 at half, 17-16!

  12. slow day for a round1 game. only 20+ pra for nets top3.

    up next, g7 LA

  13. Brook Lopez beats Joe Johnson 26-24 so it wasn't a terrible loss tonight but the entire 3 way play of Nicolas Batum, Lopez and Johnson was the worst combination out of 4 considering 2 games for NB and 3 for each of the Nets. To clear any confusion I may have left on yesterday's post.
    Combos 1st player PAR, 2nd player PAR, 3rd player PAR, combined PAR
    Tied for Best: BL G4 39, NB G5 23, JJ G6 24, combined for 86
    Tied for Best: NB G4 29, JJ G5 31, BL G6 26, combined for 86
    3rd Best: JJ G4 28, NB G5 23, BL G6 26, combined for 77
    Worst: NB G4 29, BL 20, JJ 24, combined for 73
    My pick was -4 against the 2nd worst combo and -13 against the 2 best combinations, yet another combination fail! This has to be amazing art work only it is no help to me!


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