Down 0-3, the Pelicans and the Bucks are facing elimination. See if you have players capable of 30 PRA and pick the best before they potentially go home.

* Anthony Davis (PRA: 43. 39, 47)
* Tyreke Evans (PRA: 2, 33, 31)

If you still have The Unibrow, there is no reason in the world why you can't pick him now. Tyreke has two straight 30-PRA games already and should be a reliable source of 30 more.

* Giannis (PRA: 21, 21, 39)
* MCW (PRA: 16, 19, 32)
* Khris Middleton (PRA: 21, 28, 28)

Game 3 at home was quite good for Giannis and MCW. It took home cooking to trigger playoff zest for these two, and they should continue to produce in Game 4. Middleton, however, has been consistent since Game 2 and for me has the higher chance for a repeat than the first two.

My pick, however, will not come from these two teams. MCW and Middleton are the ones I have not picked yet, but I can easily replace their high 20-PRAs from the other losing teams later this Round 1. I hope to get 30+ PRA from the 0-2 teams Nets and Blazers.

* Brook Lopez (PRA: 31, 27)
* Joe Johnson (PRA: 29, 31)
* LaMarcus Aldridge (PRA: 47, 39)

I already picked Lopez and I like Johnson on elimination games (especially on the road if they go 5 games).

And so my pick goes to LMA.


  1. "No team in the NBA has ever come back from a 0-3 deficit." I am so sick of reading this line. This is ridiculous. This is how the series are right now 3-0, 3-0, 1-2, 2-0, 2-0, 3-0, 3-0, 0-3.

    Well, last season was the greatest first round in a long time, and in the end, it was seeds #1 and #2 in both conference finals and the two top seeds in the NBA Finals. This time around round 1 is so boring, maybe it will get better in may?

    As I said, Ellis was good, Dirk and DDR were good, too. Big night all around, as long as you didn't pick Thomas.

    Right now I am even considering switching Dirk and DeRozan. I think the Mavs have a better chance of not getting swept. Maybe Dirk also might by just a tinsy bit tired after that heartbreaker. Hmm...

    No sweep in Dallas, DeRozan? Hmm...

    1. Speaking of which... I am more tired about that "Game 1 winner wins the series 80%+ of the time" which to me means nothing.

    2. There are FIVE 0-3 series and potentially there could be SEVEN, granted one series (MEM/POR) plays G3 after 2 series (CHI/MIL and GS/NO) play G4.

  2. Hi guys!!
    I was away yesterday and was not able to write here. Was very disappointed by the 8 PRA of Thomas...I was sure of my pick and was hoping for a 20 at least. This performance ruined a lot my rank and my chance to be up this season. But i'm always positive and the fun that this game gives me everyday is the more important thing.
    Last night I had a great 45 by Monta, even if Dirk's 46 and Derozan's 44 made me gain just few positions.

    Tonight's pick:
    it's Lillard time. He had 2 poor performances in Memphis, and this is the last chance for the Blazers to keep the series alive. I expect Lillard to play more aggressive and to have more responsabilities offensively. I prefer to pick him now than in a useless game 4 down 3-0.
    My pick plan for the next days is:
    -Saturday: Lillard
    -Sunday: Griffin/Paul/Derozan
    -Monday: JJ
    -Tuesday: Paul/Griffin/Nowitzki (if DAL is still alive)
    From wednesday depens on which series will still be alive

    The main thing is that I'll start to pick the Clippers. After watching every single game of the series I am sure about the Spurs. They'll win it. Won't be easy like game 3 suggests but they'll win it. So I cannot risk to lose Paul or Griffin, especially in my situation with the 8 PRA of Thomas and the 12 of Lowry. If needed I'll pick Deandre too. Not scared of losing Derozan or Dirk, but very scared of losing Paul or Blake. Probably Griffin in game 4 and Paul in game 5 (if elimination game). The bounce back theory didn't pay for me this season, so I probably won't pick Paul in game 4 hoping for a bounce back.

    Game analysis:

    - WIZARDS-RAPTORS: the only game I didn't watch last night. Not a surprise, 2 home losses were enough to kill the Raptors chances. The Wizards are a better team overall as I always said, i just thought it would have been more balanced but I never doubt about the Wizards. If I'll have time, I pick Derozan.

    - MAVS-ROCKETS: Not the best defensive performance from both teams, but it was fun to watch! The Mavs did a great effort considering their situation, but the Beard is a man on a mission and I'm already dreaming the Spurs-Rockets semifinal. The Mavs could still win game 4 btw, before going on holidays after game 5.

    -SPURS-CLIPPERS: The Clippers got hammered. They have beaten 3 negative records of their playoff history tonight, and that's enough to say. With 5 minutes remaining in the 4th they had 55 (I repeat: FIFTY-FIVE) points scored, down by 30+ points. The Spurs played great, Leonard is improving day by day, right now he's an All-Star player with no doubts. Their defence was amazing, I've never seen CP3 having those difficulties. And Parker is still far from being the real Parker. Furthermore Duncan had lots of minutes to rest on the bench and will be ready for the game 4 battle. In my opinion it will be a balanced game, but the Spurs will go 3-1 up and they will win in 6. In DTTF terms, it's Clippers time!

    At the end I hope round 2 will be more balanced!!! It's not that fun with all these sweeps!!

    Cheers guys!!

    1. Sure many of you are liking Lillard today. Even without the numbers to show for it yet.

  3. Loving my Monta pick with 45 PRA. Unfortunately, Dirk and DeRozan had huge games with 46 and 44 PRA respectively; which meant that I didn't increase in rank that far.

    For today's games, I am going with Damian Lillard. In the past 2 games, he has shot very poorly and the fans in Portland will surely help him feel rejuvenated. Last season, he had a 42 and 33 PRA in Game 3 against Houston (POR led 2-0) and San Antonio (SA led 2-0), It's only a matter of time until his shot falls consistently.

    1. Ah that's why. Hope Lillard gets those PRA for you.

  4. Debating between Joe Johnson or Lillard.
    I've used Tyreke, Aldridge, Davis, Lopez, Lowry, Thomas, & Ellis. I've had 3 horrible picks in Tyreke, Lowry, & Thomas. I chose Johnson for today, but thinking it's Lillard time! Thoughts, Johnson or Lillard?

  5. Players from the losing teams shined last night especially from the extremely high scoring Houston vs. Dallas game. Dirk Nowitzki (46 PRA) and Monta Ellis (45 PRA) led the scoring from losing teams as the picks of the night. DeMar DeRozen also had an exceptional 44 PRA from the losing and soon to be departed Toronto Raptors, who are now down 0-3.

    My pick Louis Williams was horrendous only putting up 9 PRA and hardly playing. I should have picked either DeMar DeRozen or Amir Johnson (29 PRA, which I would have been happy with) from this same game as both players at least started, and playing bench players is extremely risky, even when they look good on paper (Louis Williams was averaging over 20+ PRA vs the Wizards), and don't always pan out. The same thing happened with Isaiah Thomas after his two brilliant road games, he fired off a horrible one when playing @ Boston, when you would have expected he would do better not far worse.

    I learned my lesson, you can always learn. If the player doesn't start don't pick him. At least I won't be doing so especially in the earlier rounds with other options.

    I actually thought Dallas would win 1 if not both of their home games and make a series out of things. They still might win Game #4 at home, as they only lost by 2 in Game #3. That was why I didn't go with a Maverick as that figured to be the higher scoring series of the bunch, and it was.

    I just should have picked either DeMar DeRozen or Amir Johnson from Toronto since that team had already punted 2 home games, and both of these players would have been fine options, especially DeRozen.

    For tonight, after the Pelicans practically handed the Warriors their last win, a game the Pelicans never should have lost being up 20 to start the 4th quarter, New Orleans is now on the brink of elimination, so I will pick from them.

    Anthony Davis is my pick tonight from New Orleans in possibly their last game of the year. If they manage to win their home game and force another one, I will just have to look elsewhere, as I would have used all of the good Pelicans picks, unless Ryan Anderson is going to go off again off the bench like last game. Hoping Anthony Davis can put in an inspired effort in front of the home crowd tonight and fire off a 45+ PRA score.

  6. 46 from Dirk was nice, I chose Lopez for today and he delivered with 35pra. Perfect start for week 2. Only Lillard has failed me so far with his 21 otherwise I haven't gone below 30pra.

  7. Wtf is wrong with tyreke evans????!!!! He is not playing with any sense of urgency at all. He nit even trying to score or be engage in the offense

    1. Selfish, doesn't want to get hurt. he may have resigned altogether being down 0-3.

    2. I had brook first but figured since its only game 3 I could use him next game. Pelicans, this is their last game so why nit go with reke. Sigh. Whi woulda thought pick of the night would be eric gordan. Shoulda used reke game two and gordan today.

    3. From what I've seen of the Pelicans offense, they see who's hot and feed them a lot. It's why we saw huge games from Pondexter, Gordon, and Anderson at different times. They caught fire and were fed. Evans looked uninvolved in the first half, didn't seem to want the ball. It was tough to watch as I also picked Evans but I kind of saw a poor game coming after he tailed off in game 4 in the second half and then didn't get going in the first part of the game.

    4. That should read, "tailed off in game 3 in the second half"

    5. Anyway, good outing for Davis the whole series. The Pelicans should take care of him, everything they do should revolve around him. They should learn from their experience with CP3.

    6. I took the night off the other night when Thomas a "sure" 20+ PAR pick that went 37 and 30 in 2 road games got 8 in a home game, last night I got a performance I had to have from DeRozen (44 in a losing cause) but it seems like every other night my pick goes invisible, shoots under 30% and may take a shortage of shot attempts (certainly the case with Thomas and Evans). Lowry, Thomas and Evans have combined for just 34 PAR, less then we would like from a single pick!

  8. Taong, if i have griffin, paul and dirk to pick and i can for sure pick both griffin and paul but then maybe not dirk, what do you think i should do?

    1. Then Dirk Sunday, Blake Tuesday.

      I know Dirk persists, especially on elim games. You know Blake will continue to dominate. CP3 however fluctuates and you don't know what he'll give anh given night. He can be effective on the court and yet not translate into the stat sheet.


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