Cards Down

Let me lay down my cards for the next few days. Note that they can still change.

Friday: DeMar DeRozan
Saturday: LaMarcus Aldridge
Sunday: Monta Ellis
Monday: Joe Johnson
Tuesday: Dirk Nowitzki

Explanations down in the comments. What's your pick plan?


  1. Raptos are getting swept methinks. Picking DeMar is getting it over with that series so I can get it out of the way.

    Mavs are going to lose the series too. Monta for Game 4's pick. If they can bounce back and go down fighting, Dirk for Game 5. If not, that's alright since there are other PRA options greater than his at this point in Father Time.

    Clips and Spurs are a joy of a series. Will decide after Spurs 2-1, or Clips 3-X.

  2. My pick was Lowry but he's sick now aswell as banged up, which probably means he'll turn up today. Should I go with him still or pick Dirk now and pick Lowry in game 4 ?

    I planned going

    Friday: Lowry
    Saturday: Lopez
    Sunday: Dirk
    Monday: LMA
    Tuesday: Clip or Spur

    1. Not sire about Dirk, but not Lowry for Friday. Maybe Game 4 if Lowry gets a decent Game 3

  3. New Orleans was well on their way to an overwhelming upset win over the Golden State Warriors until they choked like pigs losing a 20 point lead at the start of the 4th quarter with the game going to OT and eventually, as is often the case when teams blow big leads, they lost a game that they never should have and now face elimination sooner rather than later. It was a big comeback by the Warriors in a game they never should have won after falling behind by many points early.

    Obviously this made Anthony Davis (47 PRA) the pick of the night with the loss. Although Giannis (39 PRA) and Evan Turner (35 PRA) had huge efforts for the losing teams of the night as well.

    My pick, Tyreke Evans put up a decent if not unspectacular 31 PRA, for the losing NO Pelicans, although Ryan Anderson (33 PRA) was slightly better off the bench for the Pelicans in the losing cause. At least Tyreke Evans was near his average which is far better than most of my picks have been thus far.

    For tonight I am going with Louis Williams of the Toronto Raptors who are down 0-2 in their series punting both home games and now face a monumental task of winning 4 of the next 5 games (3 of them away @ Washington), so winning this series if very unlikely for them at this point. Louis Williams should be good for 20+ PRA, and may be asked to pick up the slack for the vastly underperforming and possibly injured Kyle Lowry. Other good picks from this game could be DeMar DeRozen (the obvious), Amir Johnson (getting the start tonight and could put up 20+ PRA in the process). Amir Johnson had 15 PRA and 27 PRA off the bench in the first 2 games of this series and has several 20+ PRA efforts vs. Washington in the past. Or you could role the dice with Kyle Lowry, but I will pass on that option until he proves some level of positive value, which he has not done in this series so far.

  4. DeRozan is on fire! 23PRA in 1st QTR alone puts him way ahead of the Mavs/Rockets players in terms of PRA. I have Monta going for tonight since I believe that the Raptors can actually tie up the series instead of the Mavs. Nevertheless, I am ready to pick a Raptor, just not in G3 and 4

  5. I don't the Mavs will last until Tuesday...

  6. Ah, it's that time again when I don't know if I should be happy or not.

    Just came home from our own road game (it's 5 AM over here right now) and was looking what happened last night. My pick Tyreke Evans started great (10 PRA in 1st quarter, 21 at halftime), the game went into OT and he finished with 31. That means 10 PRA in the second half and overtime. Hrmpf.
    Meanwhile, the Bucks played not one but two overtimes. Middleton got 28 PRA, MCW had 32, Anteto... had 39. But I am not sure if I had picked the Greek Freak or maybe MCW, so I'll take the 31 from Evans and try to be content he topped the 30 PRA barrier.

    The Mavs game is done already. I had to decide between Dirk and Monta. I picked Monta and he had a respectable 45. But Dirk went a got a 46. Ha. Good for him. Too bad the Mavs lost.

    That leaves me in a pickle, so many series as good as finished with a 3-0 (don't know yet if the Wizards are the fifth team to go up 3-0, last time I checked it was 85-84 for the Raptors with 6 minutes to go in the fourth, I won't look now, I am tired).

    So for saturday, with a lot of bellyache, I will go and pick Giannis A. of the Bucks. May he at least top 30 again.
    For sunday I will pick my MAN, Dirk over DeRozan or any Celtic. Good thing I passed on Thomas. That was bound to happen sooner or later. He was even worse than my Lowry pick back then. If the Raptors can bring the series back to Canada again, maybe I will still get to pick DeRozan, if they don't, well, I don't really care. Go, Dirk!

    By the way, my Royals team lost at the huge favorite team that has yet to lose a match in Germany this season.

    1. not a happy time. another wasted year to get dirk his 2nd ring. got two left. hope ellis and tyson stay to keep that core with dirk and parsons grow together. just need a good defensive pg

  7. I've never been simultaneously happy and disappointed like right now. Dirk went off for a 46, and getting that from your favourite player is just the best. At the same time, the Mavericks lost a heartbreaker and so did the Raptors, putting both of my teams in sweep position.

    The log jam for Sunday was alleviated a bit with Isaiah Thomas' stinker. It makes it easier to pass on the roller coaster ride that is the Boston Celtics. That leaves the decision a little bit easier. I can pick DeMar DeRozan. I'll lay my cards out on the table:

    Saturday: Tyreke Evans
    The only pick that makes sense for me. MCW is an option but I'm gonna go with the guy who has been better on the team that tends to score better.

    Sunday: DeMar DeRozan
    This puts Chris Paul at risk if the Clippers lose in 5, but I have to do that. DDR has been too good and he likely won't make it to game 5.

    Monday: Damian Lillard/ Joe Johnson
    This depends on who is facing elimination, as if either of these guys will for sure see a game 5 I'll need them there. Lillard for sure if Portland is down 3-0.

    Tuesday: Blake Griffin
    Even if the Clippers somehow tie this series at 2-2, this is where I pick Griffin. I have to hope they win so that Paul can be picked in game 6.

    Wednesday: ???
    Could be Lillard, Johnson, Batum, or a Raptor. Depends on who makes it to this day.

    Thursday/Friday: ???
    Will any series actually make it to game 6? Could be the first time ever that all the series are done within 5. I hope Chris Paul survives to this point.... really disappointed in tonight's Spurs-Clippers game. The series had been so much fun that such a blowout was tough to watch.

    P.S.: The sports team I care about the most, my hometown team in the NHL, the Ottawa Senators, have come back from 3-0 to make their series 3-2. This could get interesting. If you haven't seen what the Senators have done this season, check it out. They have been finding a way to stay alive all season against impossible odds!

    1. It will just take a Clips G4 win to again shift the balance. G6 will happen.

    2. I said game 6 will happen last year in the finals, and it cost me Boris Diaw. I've learned to never doubt the Spurs ability to never let a team back into it.

  8. Saturday-Joe Johnson
    Thoughts, comments, suggestions welcome!

    1. Would need to hear who are the other options you'd have on those days, but seems like 3 good picks.

    2. Any other options aside from Lillard?

  9. Been loving my last three picks
    iso joe, the brow, monta

    Up next
    Sat- brook lopez
    sun- dirk or derozan
    mon- lillard

    STill have plenty of players to choose. All the celtics, all the bucks too

    Should I go with a buck tmmr since it is game 4 and could be their last, and save brook for game 4 on monday?

    1. I like the Brook option. Although MCW and Giannis had good Game 3, their Games 1 and 2 reek inconsistency.

  10. go with Dirk or derozan in an elimination game ??

    1. Whoever you think will get swept.

      If both, DeMar.

    2. I've already used Tyreke, Aldridge, Isiah Thomas, Davis, Lopez,Lowry, & Ellis.
      I've had 3 TERRIBLE picks.Tyreke, Thomas & Lowry.
      As stated in my first comment, Joe Johnson today, Sunday-Derozon, Monday-Lillard. Thinking about switching Johnson & Lillard? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    3. i like Johnson over Lillard today

  11. I'm on a serious shocker so far. Hopes of 95+ gone following Kyle Lowry and Isaiah Thomas combining for 20.

    Anyway, went with Monta Ellis on Friday and that was good but I think most had either Ellis, Dirk or Demar so no real gain.

    Saturday will be Lillard for me. Don't think they'll get swept, but he's seriously due, and at home he might get going.

    Sunday. Demar Derozan. I never thought Toronto would beat the Wizards. But I didn't think it would be a 4-0, but I think Dallas have a better chance of forcing a game 5, and then it'll be Dirk.

    Monday will be JJ for me. Need to stop over thinking things and climb the ranks. He's the obvious pick for me.

    1. Yep overthinking sometimes takes us away from the obvious. I like Joe in elim game, but G3 at home should be good to him as well.

  12. Saturday - Evans or Giannis. Leaning more towards Evans

    Sunday - Ellis or Dirk. More likely Ellis because Dirk might be worn out from G3.

    Monday - Lillard or Joe Johnson if either goes up 3-0.

    1. Evans over Giannis.
      Ellis over Dirk.
      Johnson over Lillard, by a mile.

    2. Johnson over Lillard?? And by a mile??

    3. Just based on Games 1 & 2. Your Lillard may break out in Game 3, but I do not know that. Good luck though :)


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