And We're Back!

Welcome back guys and gals! DTTF is back :D

First things first, join our league:
League Name: nbadrivetothefinals

Let's do this !!!

We'll start playoffs preview here next week when the matches become clear. The game officially starts April 16, two days before playoffs begin. For now, if you are a newbie to this fantasy game, these are tips to prepare you get ahead:

Official How To Play

Our How To Pick :

And then we'll talk about strategy as we go along. If you want to browse through the old ones, just pick a few at random from the archives.


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  1. So excited for the return of DTTF! The playoffs are going to be amazing again this year, especially in the West. Once the matchups are set and the schedule is released, the strategy can officially begin! For now, I guess I'll have to figure out who the heck should be picked from the Milwaukee Bucks :S

    Keep an eye out for "The Chandler Parsons Project" on the leaderboard. Hoping to best my 99th percentile from last year, although I doubt I can get that lucky two years in a row. Look forward to following along on this blog!

    1. Welcome back Tangent!
      West is loaded.
      No Buck pick in Round 1, look elsewhere for 30- 40- PRA outings.
      Good luck on cracking 99p again. I hope to be right there in the race too.

  2. I'm considering doing that, although Giannis is averaging 26.3 PRA over his past 30 games and Zaza is averaging 27.1 PRA over his past 15 games. The first game of the series should help to see if any of them are worth taking a chance on.

    1. maybe if they go 6 or 7 games, and no other games on those dates

  3. can't wait - it's almost that time of the year again :)

  4. Welcome back! :)

  5. Welcome back guys! Posting the preview and Round 1 poll once the matchups are set.

  6. Testing. I forgot how to do this.


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