This is it, boys and girls! Elimination game next! Put your best player forward.

How about Game 4? Same banana as Game 3. Another poor showing for the Heat players. It's like the producer of this series decided to split the the third movie into two and shot them back-to-back. Game 4 was every bit as Game 3 was. Spurs built lead in first half, Heat rallies in the third, and then out of gas in the fourth.

Noone in the Finals have gone down 1-3 and won. Under normal circumstances (like Rounds 1 to 3), that would spell a death sentence. Players would be feeling hopeless and might not give their all in the elimination game so as to stay away from injury, especially those who would-be free agents (yes, even those with opt-outs).

But this is the Miami Heat. They still are a resilient bunch and will be super-to-the-megamax motivated to win Game 5 at San Antonio, however hard that may be. They know they need that Game 5 win to give them a chance to play Game 6 at home and force a Game 7.

However, the Spurs know this too. They cannot afford to not deliver the finishing move [cue in your favorite Mortal Kombat finishing move here]. They have seen it in Game 6 of last year. They will make sure it will never happen again.

And so, the Heat in Game 4 did not make any lineup adjustments. LeBron James in the post game interviews didn't directly say it, but I felt the coaching staff needs to do their duty to put the best possible guys on the floor that meshes well together, and at every single minute and every single substitutions that the Spurs do. The Spurs will continue to use Boris Diaw in the starting lineup and it is up to Coach Spoelstra to respond to that, because clearly Rashard Lewis at this very moment in time in the starting lineup is not helping.

Here is my fantasy lineup for the Heat on Game 5. C Bosh. PF James. SF Battier. SG Wade. PG Cole.  Yes, you read that right, Norris Cole. He has not earned a starting call in this series, but that move should be a wakeup call for Mario Chalmers. The Heat was comfortable enough to wait for Chalmers to be himself and get out of his slump but they actually haven't done anything yet to ensure that. Benching him in the first quarter should give him the slap he needs. And hopefully Chalmers respond positively and convince Spoelstra to play him more come the second half. As for Shane Battier, he is there to help stop these early Spurs runs. They need defense. Defense wins championships, and certainly lack of it spells disaster like what we have seen in the last two games.

My next pick.. Danny Green. There's no telling if he'll have a good game. My last pick (Ray Allen) dropped me from 100 percentile to 99p, and I hope Green gets a 20+ PRA so I can stay at 99p (this year's target). A single digit outing will be disastrous. A 30+ outing may shoot me back up to 100p.

Good luck on your potential final picks!

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  1. Replies
    1. After a abysmal Game 4, Wade should bounce back quite nicely for Game 5. He was not bowing down sulking in the post game interviews at least ;) ;)

    2. No.... Both LBJ an DWade were very alive in their pots game interview..... There terrible in the last one... James did not want to answer anything and handed off to Wade....
      Last night they were both friendly and actually gave good answers and laughed and had fun with the reporters...

  2. Wow Spurs. Did not see that one coming at all. Was so confident in Miami winning Game 4 that I passed on Boris Diaw and picked Rashard Lewis. It was clear when San Antonio started blowing them out that the Heat needed to make adjustments, so by the end of the first quarter I knew it was about to blow up in my face. Oh well, what can you do. That 26 would have looked much nicer on my page then a 3..... Diaw would have definitely put me in position to win my personal league with LeBron James left. Not much chance of winning it now. LeBron James is up next. I'm just hoping the Heat can find a way to pull out a victory so that I can pick Diaw in Game 6. Hopefully LeBron James goes off huge and leads his team to victory!

    Should have listened to you. You fortold the tides shifting in Rashard Lewis' minute count, and I went full speed ahead anyways. At least the likes of Allen, Bosh, Wade and LeBron didn't fare well anyways, so I still have a chance at a good finish in the standings.

    1. It's a bad night when you can honestly say James Jones, Matt Bonner, Jeff Ayres, and Udonis Haslem outperformed your pick.

      Silver Lining: Still better than the 0 I got from Thabo Sefoloshia back in the final game of the 2012 playoffs......

    2. As Spo said post game, that was a surprise, none saw Spurs winning two in Miami. Even Duncan was adamant to say they expected it.

      Tough times ahead for the Heat. They sure dragged some of us down in DTTF.

    3. Wanted to change my pick to Lewis in G3, but was too late. Had to settle with Duncan below average 22. G4 had LBJ set, but since Lewis is in the starting lineup, swap him in the slot. Really thought the Heat would win but another blowout b2b. So now LBJ in G5 now instead of Green.

      Can't believe the Champs would get destroyed and lose on home court by 20+ b2b.

  3. Currently ranks at 76 and still have TD and Leonard left. too bad it might only go 5 games. TD for G5 and hope heat wins.

    1. That should end you up in 100percentile after G5. And you'd want it to end in 5, coz a G6 subpar pick might pull you back to 99percentile.

    2. I still have TD for G5 and Leonard for G6, so I want it go 6 games.

  4. LBJ needs to be scoring at will now. Just like what he did against the Pistons, Pacers and Celtics in his day. Now banking on the King to go for 70+ to at least put me in the 80-90 percentile to closed out the season.

    1. LBJ triple-doubled in G6 2013 Finals. He'll open up 1Q with involving his teammates and end up taking over at the 2nd half.

  5. Yeah, my plans really are the best.

    Picked Duncan in G3 before Leonard, after Kawhi had two poor home games in G1 and G2 against Duncan´s back-to-back 34s. Duncan gives me 22, Leonard is the daily leader at 35.

    Then I am convinced KL cannot repeat in G4 so I pull LeBron from a possible elim game. LeBron puts up a mediocre (for him) 38, Kawhi is even better than in G3 with his 37.

    Now I have Leonard for G5 (so no Green for me this time) when LeBron is expected to get really wild.

    Well, maybe LBJ is just tired and needs a break. Good news: The Spurs won and are one game away from what they deserved last year. They won´t let that one slip away again. Spurs in 5 is a very good answer to last June.

    Very happy for TD and Pop. And the others.

    And remember, who was the toughest opponent for the Spurs in this year´s Playoffs?

    1. The first team they played, the Mavs! I'm hoping for 25+ from Green who has done the exact opposite as expected in this series (being bad at home and good on the road) so I'm hoping he heats up even more and results in the Spurs ending this in 5!

    2. Luol Deng for Mavs, let's do it!!

  6. Replies
    1. I'd pick Diaw coz he fills the stat sheet. Green is okay coz his max is greater than Diaw's, but you never know when he gets clicking. At least with Diaw his PRA per minute is consistent.

  7. LeBron or Ray Allen? Hmmmm. Such a tough choice. Not! I'm going with The King!!! I need a huge game from him. Time for him to dominate this one last game

    1. btw, to the 3% who are picking Ray Allen, don't. It seems that he is one of the focus of the Spurs D. That also explains his G4.

  8. Ray Allen or Danny Green?

  9. LeBron or bosh?? I really want to pick bosh and save James for the elimination game at home in game 6 but I don't know yet ..thoughts?

    1. This is the elimination game, don't expect another game! Take LBJ tonight as he appears to be all the Heat have!

  10. This series could end tonight with how spurs playing. Take lebron

  11. I was trying to find the game on TV and couldn't and I checked back and saw the pick hadn't locked, then I realized it's another double off day!!

    1. IKR.... I left town last night and double checked twice before I left. Wasn't happy till I found it on where it actually said SUNDAY night... All I could find for a minute was just the TIME... lol

  12. Could today be the last day of the contest(championship)?
    Could DWade be the last player I take?
    I don't have any idea.... But can some of you all remember the last player you took in years past? lol

    1. I don't remember each, but I'm sure they're fillers. I never really have the chance to save a star for Finals elim. Maybe I'll aim for that next year (and save 4 stars for finals)

    2. Ah, time for a trip down memory lane:

      2013: Shane Battier - 23 PRA (clinched win in private league)
      2012: Thabo Sefolosha - 0 PRA (ouch.....)
      2011: J.J. Barea - 23 PRA
      2010: Rasheed Wallace - 21 PRA
      2009: Kobe Bryant - 41 PRA
      2008: James Posey - 15 PRA

    3. I mostly remember not picking LeBron in 2011 in game 6 of the Finals, saving him for G7 and hoping that wouldn´t have to be played. BAM, Mavs won the title in G6. Best non-pick ever.

      What I still know:
      2010: Ron Artest for 26, my best year
      2011: Not LeBron
      2012: Shane Battier for 16
      2013: Tony Parker for a measly 14, looks like a nice pick to have for G7 of the Finals, but not if he´s hurt :(
      2014: maybe Kawhi Leonard? Or is there a game 6?

    4. Lol I remember your 2011 Alex. After that, I rarely question your decisions anymore :))

    5. Wow....
      ............That is some great stuff Tangent and Alex
      ....................Thanks for sharing...
      This is my first year to play DTTF with
      .......I had only played the ESPN version last year...
      I think I did pretty good.....
      ........Was great to hang out with you guys this year...
      ..............What memories will DWade leave me for my 'possible' last pick....

  13. Love in game 4 22% took lbj and only 3% took sugar k. And k only got one less pra. And now today lbj is low % pick. Loving my finals pick

  14. Replies
    1. Ray Allen starting. The only change from last game's lineup. Diaw and Rashard Lewis still starting.

  15. Chris Bosh (only 16 PRA) did his best Roy Hibbert impersonation in Game #4 (and Game #3), combined with Dwyane Wade's equally awful 16 PRA lack of effort, and lo and behold, the Heat are one game away from elimination. Bosh was -17 PRA off his playoff best 33 PRA, and -5 PRA off his average. He stood around with his thumb up his butt and doing little pierouettes around the painted area, but at no time did he even attempt to get a rebound (kind of hard to do that when you are standing in the middle of the free throw line.

    The Heat were miserably outplayed once again in their second straight home game, as LeBron alone could not do enough to carry the rest of this sorry Heat team to even remotely be competitive against a Spurs team that obviously wanted it much more than the Heat did, and played much better than the Heat did. Led by Kawhi Leonard (37 PRA) in another stellar game, the Spurs once again torched the Miami Heat, and are now one win away from the Championship. Whenever there was a loose ball or a rebound to be had, you could bet that it was going to be the Spurs coming up with it, and not the feeble Heat, with their extremely weak performance.

    If LeBron is smart, and wants to win league titles in the future, I strongly suggest going elsewhere, preferably to a West Coast team, as the East is dismal right now, and his one man Heat team doesn't have enough any more to compete. If the Heat were in the West this year, they don't even make the playoffs.

    Chris Bosh isn't much better than Zydrunis Ilgauskas, the Cleveland Cavaliers starting center, when LeBron played there. Bosh is extremely over-rated. Bosh has championships because he played with LeBron James. He would never have won one with Toronto, and I highly doubt he could win one with another team without LeBron on it. Maybe OKC, as they need someone other than Perkins to play center big time. OKC also has a similar problem of being a two man team, and while those two players are great, they are not enough to beat the very elite of the league to win a championship. Reminds me to a lesser scale of LeBron playing with Cleveland, although he had to basically carry that team by himself, just to make the playoffs.

    But believe it or not, the Heat are not all that far away from that either, since Dwyane Wade seems to be a shell of the player he once way, and Bosh is Bosh, a mediocre center, who focuses on offense and really does nothing on the boards, on most nights. Obviously it is not entirely his fault, but the Heat have a huge problem getting out-rebounded most nights, and Bosh certainly is not a top rebounder in the league at his position.

  16. This is the worst Finals I have ever seen, and I have never seen a team lay down like the Heat have, especially at home. These games are totally noncompetitive, and not entertaining in the least, and it is certainly not good basketball (at least by Miami). The Spurs are playing great. And I am sure Spurs fans are loving every minute of it though, especially after last season. Kudos to the Spurs and their fans!

    The next game played in San Antonio is most likely the last. I highly doubt the Spurs want to prolong this series any more than they have to and will be looking to end this tonight.

    I could (and should) pick LeBron James tonight in the Heat's most likely elimination game. However I will pick Tim Duncan tonight, on his home court, looking to lock down a 2014 NBA Championship in front of his home fans. You also don't know if Duncan retires if/once they do win the Championship. So this could very well be Timmy's last game played in the NBA, what better night to pick him than this one. Duncan's best playoff game this year is 37 PRA, so let's go for that. Hopefully Tim Duncan goes out with gusto tonight and puts up 37+ PRA as the Spurs win another Championship.

    (If that doesn't happen, I still have LeBron to pick in Game #6). And since Chris Bosh (thanks Bosh for your lack of effort!) ruined any chance I had at winning Segment #4 prizes. Might as well go with the sentimental pick of Tim Duncan tonight in very likely the last game of the season.

    1. For me, the worst was the last Lakers-Celtics matchup, that was boring.

      Worst Heat performance, worse than 2011.

  17. 9 quick pra for lbj.. woot big game expecting

  18. You should've went with Mills Taong!

    1. Haha yeah, loving the guy now.
      :salutes Australian aboriginal people:

  19. Well...
    ...........It's been fun guys.... See you all next year! :)

    1. Congratulations to all of you who did really good... LOVE this contest !!!!

    2. One last post for our wrap up ;)
      Wait til the DTTF pts are completed

  20. DTTF is now over.... sort of. There is still the business of the "perfect picks" optimization game. Taking all the performances and ordering them to get the maximum PRA. I'll take the first try at it, try and see if you can find a combination that gets more PRA:

    Round 1:
    Valunciunas 37
    Aldridge 66
    Conley 38
    Noah 35
    Howard 47
    Teague 34
    Harden 52
    Gasol 38
    Gibson 40
    Walker 39
    Jordan 44
    Nowitzki 42
    Millsap 39
    DeRozan 38
    Curry 47
    Lowry 38
    Round 1 Total: 674

    Round 2:
    Beal 39
    Allen 26
    Durant 53
    Matthews 25
    Griffin 46
    Batum 36
    Crawford 26
    Lillard 34
    Gortat 49
    Johnson 44
    Paul 43
    Round 2 Total: 421

    Round 3:
    Hibbert 31
    Green 21
    Stephenson 38
    Splitter 23
    Wade 31
    Ibaka 22
    West 36
    Westbrook 55
    George 45
    Duncan 36
    Bosh 33
    Jackson 29
    Round 3 Total: 400

    Ginobili 32
    Parker 28
    Leonard 35
    Diaw 26
    James 46
    Finals Total: 167

    Grand Total: 1662 PRA

    I'll be interested to see if anyone can beat that.

    1. Found a better combo already:

      Allen 26 ----> Parker 45 (+19 PRA)
      Parker 28 ------> James 48 (+20 PRA)
      Leonard 35 -------> Lewis 18 (-17 PRA)
      James 46 --------> Leonard 34 (-12 PRA)

      That adds 10 PRA and brings the total to 1672 PRA.

    2. Well I'll be happy with the 1379 I ended up with and not do all the math. : )

    3. The only math you need to do is in deciding which car you'd like to buy! Well played Mr. Stiles!

      Found more PRA. Switch Lewis 18 back to Leonard 35 (+17 PRA) and switch Leonard 34 to Mills 20 (-14 PRA). The extra 3 PRA is totals 1675.

  21. I'm in shock, I'm glad it's over but my final % is getting destroyed. It's at 95 but I'm sure the final update hasn't happened yet, it will probably be below 90 after it happens. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned this yet, I thought half the posts since the game ended would have mentioned this. Just 2 games ago, Danny Green went 7/8 from the field and had 19 PRA beating my Boris Diaw pick which I wish was reversed with Dwyane Wade... What happened here makes the 16 from Wade which I considered horrible and nullifies any victory that wade was 1 PRA worse because I got not only by far the worst PRA in DTTFs this year which ruined by 10+ in every PRA with 4, that's right FOUR PRA from the SUPER INVISIBLE Danny Green! This was a nice short series, which many of us wanted yet it had to have one last super laugh in my face! Patty Mills was the steal of the day with 20 PRA, 5X the PRA than Green who bricked all 5 of his shot attempts and had no free throws getting a goose egg in point points. I thought the memory would be Dwyane Wade, but instead if's someone who got 25% of what Wade got. WOW

    1. Should be a couple of scrambling in the leaderboards once this gets completed.

  22. It looks like nearly everyone else is as invisible as Danny Green! This is why more starters must be saved for the Finals! Oh wait Danny Green was a starter? lol Glad it's over and Congratulations to the Spurs!
    But ending with a 4 is hard to take PM would have made this an all happy ending, that or better yet using Wade in G2 against the Pacers instead of James and then using LeBron in G2 (48) or G5 (46).

    1. Green's 4 PRA (my only single digit PRA) was anti-climactic to say the least. The single digit PRA was too be expected given my sacrifices in Round 3, but that was underwhelming coming from Green. Guess Pop had to go the players that were clicking early.

      If my calculations are correct, I am again at the brink of 99 percentile (towards 98p), just like last year. Last year's result tipped over to 98p, but I hope my PRAs hang on for dear life at 99p. Crossfingers!

  23. Crazy finish in my private league. I was down 42 to my brother and 20 to my good friend, which should have been game over. My brother passes on Diaw for Danny Green and my friend passes on LeBron James for Tim Duncan. I ended up tied for first. A tie????? That pretty much never happens in DTTF leagues... that is a pretty crazy finish.

    1. hound your brother and friend regarding passing up on Diaw and LBJ hehe!

    2. Already have. Didn't hesitate to do so!

    3. They can hound me right back for passing on Diaw in game 4, as that would have given me the outright win.

  24. I just won $25k towards a new car from AutoTrader. Obviously I was pretty lucky, but thought I'd drop on here and thank Taong and other posters here. There was some valuable insite which helped me in the earlier rounds. Having LeBron left for elimination game helped but special thanks to Diaw's game 4 which put me in a prime spot. Our family could use a new ride and I just won one. Awesome. -Matt S.

    1. Congratz! You're Matt Stiles, right? :P Congratulations to your family, too!

    2. You actually won? congratulations my friend.... !!!!!

    3. I remember looking at your picks when you were ranked #1 back in the third round. I was thinking "man this guy is on fire".

    4. Thank you. It was a great run - very lucky. Highest finish in previous years was 354th so I know its not that easy. -Matt Stiles

  25. I finished with 1,228 PRA's on this season.... :/
    ........................................................[Week one]:
    34 PRA, Klay Thompson #11 GS
    66 PRA, LaMarcus Aldridge #12 POR (highest for the day)
    33 PRA, Stephen Curry #30 GS
    29 PRA, John Wall #2 WAS
    37 PRA, Damian Lillard #0 POR
    25 PRA, David Lee #10 GS
    21 PRA, Chandler Parsons #25 HOU
    38 PRA, Marc Gasol #33 MIN
    21 PRA, DeMar DeRozan #10 TOR
    ....Total 314 Ave(9). 34.8888889
    ........................................................[Week two]:
    44 PRA, Paul George #24 IND
    30 PRA, Zach Randolph #50 MIN
    27 PRA, James Harden #13 HOU
    48 PRA, Kevin Durant #35 OKC (should have saved him)
    40 PRA, Dwight Howard #12 HOU
    35 PRA, DeAndre Jordan #6 LAC
    34 PRA, Joe Johnson #7 BRK Nets
    .....Total 258 Ave(7). 36.8571429 TOTAL 572 AVE(16). 35.75
    ........................................................[Week three]:
    19 PRA Jamal Crawford #11 LAC
    12 PRA, Shaun Livingston #14 NETS
    21 PRA, George Hill #3 IND
    19 PRA, Paul Pierce #34 NETS
    46 PRA, Blake Griffin #32 LAC
    36 PRA, Nicolas Batum #88 POR
    38 PRA, Chris Paul #3 LAC
    .....Total 191 Ave(7). 27.2857143 TOTAL 763 AVE(23). 33.173913
    ........................................................[Week four]:
    26 PRA, Deron Williams #8 Nets
    30 PRA, Bradley Beal #3 WAS
    18 PRA, Wesley Matthews #2 POR
    14 PRA, Trevor Ariza #1 WAS
    13 PRA, Mario Chalmers #15 MIA
    .....Total 101 Ave(5). 20.2 TOTAL 864 AVE(28) 30.8571429
    ........................................................[Week five]:
    29 PRA, Tony Parker #9 SAS
    07 PRA, Ray Allen #34 MIA ......THAT SUCKED lol
    25 PRA, Danny Green ##4 SAS
    12 PRA, Chris Andersen #11 MIA
    18 PRA, Boris Diaw #33 SAS
    .....Total 91 Ave(5). 18.2 TOTAL 955 AVE(33) 28.9393939
    ........................................................[Week 6]
    36 PRA, David West #21 IND
    16 PRA, Kawhi Leonard #2 SAS Ugh !!
    22 PRA, Lance Stephenson #1 IND (don't blow in my ear)
    36 PRA, Tim Duncan #21 SAS (blowout curse)
    15 PRA, Roy Hibbert #55 IND
    29 PRA, Reggie Jackson #15 OKC
    ...Total 154 Ave(6). 256666667 TOTAL 1,109 AVE(39) 28.4358974
    .......................................................[Week 7]
    28 PRA, Chris Bosh #1 MIA
    48 PRA, LeBRON James #6 MIA
    18 PRA, Rashard Lewis #9 MIA
    10 PRA, Manu Ginobili #20 SA
    15 PRA, D Wade #3 MIA ......LAST pick !!!

    1. If your Allen 7-PRA sucked, my Green 4-PRA was worse.................. (i just thought I'd put several dots too like you before this season ends hehe)................... came at the worse time too!

    2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
      ......You're a funny guy!!!!
      btw, LOVED all your information in here Taong. (and from everyone else too)
      ..Great job my friend.... !!

  26. As you said, I waited with Lebron until last match. And it's was worth it! Thank you :)
    Unfortunately, Lewis with 3 points destroyed my good position, but it was a good fun :)


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