Spurs Are Champs !!!!!

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs who got their redemption by dominating The Finals! They truly are a model organization in the NBA. Congratulations to Pop and Timmy for their fifth ring together! To Kawhi Leonard to his well-deserved Finals MVP! To Manu and Tony for their fourth ring! To the rest of the Spurs who made these Finals a memorable one for all of us. And most importantly, congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs fans -- I know you were hurting, but I am sure you never felt more relieved than now :)

Kudos goes to the Miami Heat for their fourth straight Finals. And we all can be very well sure that they will be back in the Finals again next year. LeBron, Wade and Bosh are there to stay.

In this Drive To The Finals fantasy game, I only am a tad better than last year's 98 percentile but overall missed my target of 99 percentile. Loved how 9 straight picks after LeBron James kept me in the 100 percentile, but then loathed over that last two duds that sent me crashing away from Page 1 of our league. Next year, I am not settling for anything less than Top 100.

As for this blog, we have more than quadrupled our reader participation in the comments section! Special heartful thanks goes to the likes of imawake/topknox, Tangent, Luminosity, Daytona, aceee06, Alex, thehalfcourtheave, Ali, Karol and a slew of others (regulars and new) who continue to provide invaluable insight and tips to the betterment of the improved DTTF experience of all. This blog is nothing without you guys! BIG THANK YOU!

Congratulations also to our reader Matt for winning it all! May your family enjoy your new ride ;)

That's a wrap, folks! See you again in these parts in ten months!


  1. That was a pretty intense season of DTTF. That first round was like nothing we've ever seen before. It was tough predicting the series this year, even though the East and West finals were 1 vs. 2 and the Finals was the consensus pick from the start. I was definitely made to look foolish making predictions in these series at times, but then again I think my shifting mindset on who will win these series helped to avoid big mistakes. Paid the price with my prediction that it would go six games in the finals, but that was truly the first prediction all playoffs that really backfired on me in terms of the outcome of the series. I feel like I learned a lot on how to make picks in the third and fourth round, which is usually where I've had some difficulties in the past, which should help for next year (my finals plan was great going Gino, Bosh, Allen, Diaw and James, if only I just stuck with Diaw). Finished 5 PRA ahead of you, at 1270, which ranked me at 312, enough to earn that elusive 99 percentile. I like the aim for top 100 next year, but recognize how tough it will be. Even a rank in the 300's is a very good finish and tough to duplicate year after year.

    1. Really intense! All that zigzagging made all of us dazed.
      And gratz on the 99p!

  2. What a great year for basketball even though my Lakers were horrible :). The first round was amazing and I don't think I'll ever see as good as basketball for a long time. Very happy to finish in the 99 percentile. Even though I didn't win the $25,000,did win $20 for finishing first in my league of 5. See you next year all!!

    1. Congratz on that $20 !
      See you again next year, Luminosity!

  3. Thanks for hosting yet another insightful and quirky year of DTTF. We had our own share of laughs (Hibbert's streak of garbage stats), best picks (Aldridge's 66, Harden's 52, Durant's 60, Westbrook's 51, J. Johnson's 44, Curry's 47, Leonard's 37 etc....), close calls (OKC vs MEM / DAL vs SA / LAC vs GS / IND vs ATL) and bad picks (my Deron and Matthews' 13 PRA as well as Chalmers' 8 still stings) but I am glad to share that experience with you guys. Our website viewership has also seen a spike the past two months and posting here might have helped, so I thank you Taong for that.

    Not exactly my best year but with three straight solid picks in the end (Wade, Leonard, Duncan), I ended up in the 94th percentile (the 10 PRA by Green in Game 2 brought me down to 88th); still good for second worst percentile after my rookie season (87th). Hope to see you guys again next year 'cause I will definitely be back (and hopefully with a vengeance)

    1. No probs THCH, glad to be of help.

      'Til next playoffs!

  4. That was my first DTTF and I ended up in the 93th percentile. As a rookie, I'm very glad of this score :)
    Thank you Taong for all the posts and answers for my questions during this time. You helped me a lot.
    See you in ten months!

    1. This was my first to play DTTF also Karol....
      ...... I'm very pleased with my end score....LOVE this game
      Great job....

    2. Good job to the two of you. I was horrible in my rookie year, and what you did exceeded expectations. Congrats!

  5. Again great job Taong...
    .......I know Matt Stiles won but is there any place on DTTF where they post or congratulate the winner and section prize winners?

    1. Yep. They change the front page of DTTF from 'my picks' to a full page displaying Matt's name as winner until the next playoffs :)

      As for section or weekly winners they don't show 'em but they do contact the winners through the account profile.

    2. I see, so they have just not done that yet for the winner.... (my picks page is still the same)

  6. Ah, it´s over already? Sorry, I was on the road the weekend, then it was Germany playing in the FIFA World Cup on Monday and I was not at home again on Tuesday. Now, while Spain is fighting for life in the World Cup, what happened this season?

    I like what topknox did last post and will do the same:
    Week 1:
    Millsap 34
    Ellis 14 (in theory not a bad pick, in reality screwed me over)
    Conley 38
    Lowry 29
    Harden 25 (part 1 of the mistake, Howard had 47)
    Teague 34
    Howard 40 (part 2 of the mistake, Harden had 52)
    Walker 20
    Curry 47 (goof finish to week 1)
    TOTAL: 281 (average: 31,2222222)

    Week 2:
    Nowitzki 28 (1 game too soon)
    Randolph 30
    Parsons 28
    George 35 (should have picked West 41)
    Joe Johnson 20 (ugh)
    Marc Gasol 32
    LaMarcus Aldridge prepicked, then couldn´t change, was supposed to DeRozan for 26, so I got 0 for LMA and lost him for the campaign
    TOTAL: 454 (should be 480), average 30

    Week 3:
    Paul 44
    Pierce 14 (would have been Aldridge 46 on a really slow day)
    West 17 (disappeared behind Hibberts first good game)
    Lillard 29
    Nene 11 (worst Washington starter in worst Wizards playoff game ever, just a bad choice)
    Deron Williams 23
    DeAndre Jordan 22
    TOTAL: should have been 672 (I had 58 points less in the game, but will add the points here. Looks less bad that way, ahem), average 29,217391.....

    Week 4:
    Batum 36 (great pick, I also had this kind, but not too often)
    Wall 37
    Matthews 18
    Griffin 38
    Hibbert 31
    TOTAL: 832, average 29,7142857.....

    Week 5:
    Splitter 14 (BAM number 1)
    Allen 7 (BAM number 2)
    Diaw 15 (BAM number 3)
    Hill 12 (BAM number 4)
    Westbrook 41 (daily leader at the end, followed that with a 55, then 32, then 49)
    TOTAL: 921 (incredible 89 for the week, or should I say weak, nearly half of that coming from my last pick), average 27,90909090....

    Week 6:
    Wade 19 (ugh)
    Jackson 8 (double ugh)
    Stephenson 22 (meh)
    Parker 20 (sigh)
    Chalmers 10 (triple ugh)
    Durant 47 (Westbrook with 49)
    TOTAL: 1047, average 26,846153846153...

    Week 7:
    Ginobli 32
    Bosh 23
    TOTAL: 1116, average 27,2195121951.....

    Week 8:
    Duncan 22 (Leonard goes for Daily Leader with 35)
    James 38 (Leonard still had 37)
    Leonard 34 (James had 46)
    TOTAL: 1196 (adjusted), average 27,1818181818.....

    on NBA.com I had 1138 points, which was rank 6345 and 75 percent
    I know from my league that 1197 is rank 2882 and 1194 is rank 3044, so I guess I should have been under 3000. Is that 80 percentile? Still bad, though.

    I was better in the last years. Rank 284 in 2012 (rank 212 two games from the end), rank 185 in 2010 (no idea where I was in 2011 or prior to 2010, though). I sucked now for two years in a row and hope to be better next time around.

    Always love this blog and the livley comments section. Thanks to Taong and all who participate and see you again in 10 months.

    Bye for now

    1. Nice... Well done!
      .... yeah, I keep up with it like that during the contest...
      Keeps it fresh in my head for ideas....

    2. Thanks too Alex! See you in April.

  7. hey spiderman thanks for this site. got some valuable tips here specially in the early rounds. i placed 11th in the world rankings. am i the highest placed pinoy there u think? :) again thank you and till the next dttf!

    1. congratz basti ! Yeah I think you are. Last year's 2nd also was.

      Regards to the rest of the wolf pack. See you next year!


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