Playoffs Preview: Warriors @ Clippers

The Warriors have just clinched their spot in the playoffs, and have left the Mavericks, Suns and Grizzlies to scramble for themselves. Waiting for them in Hollywood are the Clippers.

Team Head-To-Head
They even the season series 2-2. The Clippers have been playing great lately and with Blake Griffin on the top of his game. Surely one can surmise that Lob City will own this series, but I do not recommend outright judgment. The Warriors are currently troubled within their upper ranks, but they can be a dangerous team if (1) coaching and management get on the same page fast, and (2) their full roster healthy in time for opening night. Okay that is one too many of conditions, but their starting five is too good at full strength.

Player Matchups
LAC DeAndre Jordan bests Andrew Bogut.
LAC Blake Griffin will fly by David Lee.
GS Andre Iguodala owns Matt Barnes.
GS Klay Thompson is a deadlier shooter but J.J. Riddick is close behind.
LAC Chris Paul over Stephen Curry any day, but surely that matchup by itself is worth the ticket!

Reluctant Verdict: Clippers in 5 if games start today with Warriors depleted with injuries. Clippers in 7 if Warriors have full health.

Fantasy Pickup: Stephen Curry, but only in an elimination game. David Lee stuffs the stat sheet too -- yummy for the Drive's PRA.

I'll bet my money on the Clippers, but I very much want to see the Warriors win. I'll enjoy this series regardless.

So do you think the Warriors can dance? I mean, injuries without ;)

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  1. I'm taking Klay Thompson for my first pick....
    ....My strategy has always been not to follow the high percentage picks.
    I like finding that good player with the lowest percentage. I mean if you go with the majority the best you can do is TIE them. THEN I pick those great players when they are low percentage hoping they play better on that day and out do the majority... Yes I will take Curry, later on(if he is healthy of course)

  2. K. Thompson for 34... BAM :)
    ...but GS got the win...I'm hoping LAC can pull it out...


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