Playoffs Preview: Nets @ Raptors

The Toronto Raptors are back in the playoffs, although I'm not sure if Canada is excited by that. Yet. The billion-dollar team (Brooklyn Nets who else?) owns New York basketball this year, and it's their last chance before Phil Jackson starts operating.

Team Head-To-Head
Both teams tie the regular season series 2-2. The Toronto Raptors, believe or not, have the defensive mindset (through Coach Casey) and athleticism to do serious damage in the postseason. If the rumors are correct, Casey was itching to be competitive and was just holding back these past two years because management wanted to tank and rebuild. Now, it's his time. However, the Nets want it more. Owner Prokhorov's deadline for that ring is 2015, with that 3-year plan that started in 2012 (a plan of which is just plainly spend spend spend). He went all-in to get Pierce and Garnett, and he figures he wants it now before the two bolts out in free agency. It's now, or sign that "plan" to an extension.

Player Matchups
BKN Deron Williams rules the point guard matchup even though Kyle Lowry has been phenomenal this year.
BKN Joe Johnson dominates the two spot, and clutch.
TOR DeMar DoRozan will be the best player in this series, and I am not sure Paul Pierce can keep up.
The frontcourt is a toss-up and depends on how Kevin Garnett is going to be used when he comes back.

Bold Verdict: Nets in 6 in upset.

Fantasy Pickup: DeRozan and Lowry, but wait until Nets steal a road game.

I like what the Raptors did and I love Casey's work in Dallas' 2011 run, but I want to see Pierce gets his hand on LeBron again.

So, do you think the Raptors can?
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  1. Is this 1-N-Done open for this season? I don´t find anything to pick or join groups? Where is the "Get started"-Button they are talking about?

    1. Hey Alex, prolly no 1-N-Done. Someone at ESPN screwed up hehe.


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