Playoffs Preview: Hawks @ Pacers

I can never understand why the Heat would rest LeBron and Bosh against the Wizards with the East top seed at stake. They lost, doh! Now, the Pacers clinched it, and will be facing the Hawks.

Team Head-To-Head
They even the season series 2-2, but you know this is a lopsided match. The Pacers have floundered after the All-Star break but got their s-word together the last few days. The Hawks are hot lately with sweet wins against the Nets and the Heat, with them hoping that momentum will carry on to the postseason.

Player Matchups
The backcourt matchup seem to pale in comparison to the rest of the lineup, with Lance Stephenson maybe with the upper-hand on Kyle Korver on the defensive end.
Without Al Horford (even with Paul Millsap there), the frontcourt will be dominated by Roy Hibbert and David West.
Paul George will roam free.

Confident Verdict: Pacers in 4. Atlanta fans will rock the arena to try to steal Game 3 though.

Fantasy Pickup: Day 1 Paul Millsap, pick away!

Defense wins in the playoffs. This will be a cake walk of a series.

So, finally a Heat beater?

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  1. This post isn't even worth an intelligent comment

    1. Don't worry Devin, you can always pick Paul George ;)

  2. Teague and Millsap only picks worth it but since this is first round I might not even get chance to pick Teague.

    1. That's right.

      30 PRA should be the target per day in Round 1. If Heat play on same day, might be better off with Al Jefferson


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