Playoffs Preview: Bobcats @ Heat

The Bobcats can still grab the 6th seed if they win their last game against the visiting Bulls AND if the Wizards lose theirs against the Celtics. While that is probable, nothing have stopped me yet from prematurely previewing a matchup ;) Bobcats do not want the Heat.

Team Head-To-Head
The Bobcats are winless this season against the defending champs. Al Jefferson had double-doubles on all of his three appearances against the Heat and still fruitless, so it's clear that the others have to step it up to at least go down with a fight.

Player Matchups
CHA Al Jefferson will continue to dominate the paint versus Chris Bosh.
MIA Mario Chalmers over the groin-injured Kemba Walker.
MIA Dwyane Wade, the often injured, over Gerald Henderson.
MIA LeBron James over everyone else.

Easy Peasy Verdict: Heat in 4.

Fantasy Pickup: Game 1 Al Jefferson. Game 4 Kemba Walker.

Jordan may be all smiles now that his Bobcats got in, but I am already asking if he can sustain that for the next few years. Maybe. Just maybe he can do a Donald Sterling.

So, already looking forward to a Heat-Pacers matchup?

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