Playoffs Preview: Blazers @ Rockets

If I were to look at the current standings and choose which matchup is most probable, I'd say that would be Houston and Portland at seeds 4 and 5. The LA Clippers are beyond reach, and Golden State is having a few problems nowadays to even pose any threat.

Team Head-To-Head
Rockets own the regular season series 3-1. In those four games, their team stats seem to indicate that both teams are similar on paper. However, throughout the season, the Rockets have flung and made more threes and got more of their rebounds. And although the Blazers are known for their offense (at least pre-All-Star), the Rockets have the better offensive efficiency. The Rockets have improved steadily throughout the season and have been consistent of late. The Blazers, meanwhile have since fallen (hard!) from the top of the Western standings to losing postseason homecourt advantage.

Player Matchups
POR Damian Lillard will eat Linsanity.
HOU James Harden will stuff Wesley Matthews inside his beard.
POR LaMarcus Aldridge will shoot jumpers on Terrence Jones' face.
HOU Dwight Howard will smile on every goal.

Foolish Early Verdict: Rockets in 5, and will be surprised if Blazers get their heads together and revert back to attack mode like early this season.

Fantasy Pickup: Aldridge then Lillard both at home games, but only after Blazers lose two games.

As any good fantasy baller always does, we'll revisit this matchup later and adapt to changes when we get there.

So who do you think will win this series?

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  1. Houston's taking this. Blazers have been struggling and this will be their first playoff series.

    1. Think this can end sooner than 5?

    2. Don't think it will be a sweep but 5/6 games for Houston seems like the most likely outcome


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