How To Pick

For all new to this fantasy game, this post is for you. Note that screenshots are from the mobile site (mobile age, baby!), but the desktop version is quite close. Let's get to it...

First off, log in to and you will see something like this...

Click on "SELECT", and you will be presented with a list of players.

I recommend sorting the list by "AVG POINTS" because total points accumulate and screw up the list -- we don't want that.

Now scroll down the list and look for a player whose team you THINK will lose the round. Remember! PLAYER ON THE LOSING TEAM :) If you pick a player, that player can no longer be picked later in the playoffs.

When you have decided which one, click on that "SELECT PLAYER".

Now, as an exercise, do the same thing for all the days in that week. Don't worry about being perfect, coz you can always replace your picks before the games begin. Happy picking!

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