Playoffs Preview: Round Up

And we are set! We have the matches and player selection should commence anytime today (they said April 17!). So stick with me as my next post will be how to do picks, for the sake of our new players.

In the meantime, here are the rest of my playoffs preview... turbo style!

Wizards @ Bulls
John Wall may be great, but it's a team game. Bulls' playoff D suffocates.
Rampaging prediction: Bulls in 5.
Pick: John Wall as early as possible.

Grizzlies @ Thunder
I do think the Grizzlies' defense will give them a fighting chance. Except they can't stop the Durantula.
Bold prediction: Thunder in 7.
Pick: Risk Zach Randolph on day 1 (he loves first games).

Mavericks @ Spurs
The Spurs are too deep and superior (to any team). My Mavs don't stand a chance.
Unbiased prediction: Spurs in 5
Pick: Monta Ellis on game 1. Dirk Nowitzki on elim game.

Mavericks @ Spurs (in my own fantasy land)
The Mavs will get lucky and steal a road game. DeJuan Blair finally lit up against the Spurs.
Biased prediction: Mavs in 7.
Pick: Tony Parker on elim game.

Good luck to your own favorite team. They might need it. Mine surely does.

Who Wins Round 1?


  1. Not a chance Mavs beat spurs. I understand where you're coming from though. Bulls don't have enough scoring. I think it'll go to 6

    1. Already did a disservice to my team of not voting for them in the polls.

      As a fan though, I can keep on dreaming. Will urge people to pick Dirk at some point in time -- I'll just save him for last.

      Bulls will be fine without scoring. Stop 3 out of 4 Wiz attacks. Score 2 out of 4 Bulls ball. Kinda..


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