We're Baaaaaack!

First off, join our league "NBA Planet 123" at http://fantasy.nba.com/drive/leagues/5

Now, welcome back guys and gals to our Drive to the Finals blog -- 2014 Edition!

Roughly three more weeks, and we will find ourselves again following the NBA Playoffs. From the first round to the Finals, I will provide you with tips and tricks as we strategize our way into the top of the charts of this fantasy game ;)

But guess what's the best part of this blog? Your comments. Nothing is better than other people learning from you, and you learning from the others. Through the years (since 2011), I have seen comments that best even my own way of thinking. I, for one, attribute my relative success in this fantasy game by absorbing the good strategies of our readers from the comments section.

For those new to the game, here is how it works...

Basically on each day of the Playoffs, you choose one player. Your points will be based on that player's PRA (points+rebounds+assists). There's one catch though -- you can only use a player once throughout the whole playoffs. As we near the start of the postseason, I will give more light on the specifics of gameplay. For now, go on and register if you have not yet done so... http://nba.com/drive.

You can also view this previous post that shows an example of how to pick: First Pick.


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  1. Welcome back Taong!


    do you know if there's gonna be a 1-n-done this year? cause on their page it doesn't give any specifics.

    1. Hey welcome back Silas!

      There will be 1-N-Done. It's just waiting for playoff matches, I think. Earlier, my changedetection monitor picked up a few changes to that site. So it won't be long.

    2. thanks for putting up the blog again taong!

      looking forward to kicking your butt ;)

      that's great news. love having an alternative to d2tf. hope they have it up and running until tomorrow

    3. haha my butt will be far ahead of you. you have to have inspector gadget legs to do that.

      as for 1-n-done, it's looking like it won't happen. two days is not a lot of days for ESPN to invite ppl in.

    4. we'll see about that ;)

      yeah i figured. too bad though, would have loved to play that again. was real fun the last time around

    5. Hope ESPN brings it back next year.
      Too late for Round 1.
      Maybe a 1-N-Done Crazy Eight Edition.

  3. I would really like to play again, but I can´t log in on the NBA site :(

    As soon as I try to log in I get to write about 9 letters and the site doesn't let me do anything else. Happens on Firefox and on IE.

    Maybe it will work till saturday, if not there is no game for me :(

    1. Welcome back Alex! Chrome works for me.


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