Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2012 edition of the daily Drive to the Finals blog.

Activate interlock!

For those who are new to this fantasy game, go the nba.com/drive site, "Play Now" and register. Each day in the playoffs, you are to "pick" one player whose PRA (points + rebounds + assists) on that date will count towards your score. For example, if you pick Carmelo Anthony for April 28 and he nets 30 points, grabs 10 rebounds and dishes 5 assists, that is a very sweet 45 PRA for you. There is a catch though that you can only pick a player only once throughout the whole postseason -- that is where strategy and pick management comes in ;) You score will accumulate from Round 1 of the playoffs up to the very end of the Finals. The one with the highest score at the end of all this wins the game. There are also leagues wherein you compete against a select few instead of the whole world; ours is aptly named nbadrivetothefinals.blogspot.com , look for it there.

Dynotherms connected!

Again this year, I shall provide you with my pick for the day, as well as other alternatives. I aim to raise my standing this year (95% in 2010, 87% in 2011), and in the process help you with your picks and raise your own standing. I love manipulating numbers to come up with a basis of a pick; and I know most people hate Math, so leave that to me. And always, we will keep track of news and trends just so we keep our picks sane and worldly. There is no sense in picking Jeremy Lin while he is still not cleared to play, right? While this game is sometimes luck-based, I believe we can minimize the impact of luck towards our game by making informed decisions. To view past examples of picks, feel free to browse this blog's archive.

Infracells up!

I will also compare my standing with that of the expert pickers (Ernie Johnson, Chuck, The Jet and Shaq). Here's last year's results. I am curious as to how Shaq will play this game. I'm sure Ernie will let him eat dirt.

Mega thrusters are go!

And we're set! The teams have played their last season game and the Round 1 pairings are now clear..

Which team exits early? Will there be an upset in the first round? Which match will go the distance of 7 games? All these, while speculative, will help us with our first few picks. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, feel free to vote for who hits the bin first (upper-right pane of this page).

Let's go..