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Mayo Uno..

Sixers @ Bulls

There's a reason why Coach Thibs is threatening to repeat as Coach of the Year to beat Coach Pop. He made winning a habit with the Bulls even with injuries to Rose in the regular season. He can still do it. Before Rose's torn ACL, the Bulls are locked to win, but without him, we have to look at the next game to make a review. If Bulls win, we'll start picking Sixers. If Bulls lose, we'll look at Game 3.

Nuggets @ Lakers

With the Lakers' commanding win in the 1st game and Bynum's Howardesque performance, I can now feel better about picking a Nugget. What do we have?
  • Danilo Gallinari -- In Game 1, 25 PRA in 36 minutes and made half of his shots. Pick him if you think he'll have the same amount of minutes and touches in Game 2. If so, it will take an off-night to not get an upper 20s PRA from him.
And that's about it :) Afflalo and Lawson are still not stepping up, and we don't know when that will happen. Andre Miller, the still crafty veteran, has put up a nice PRA of 27 off the bench, but that will change if Ty plays well.

Celtics @ Hawks

I expected the Celtics to steal a game in Atlanta before they play in Boston and eventually win the series, even without Allen. But now because of a stupid chest puff, they'll be playing without Rondo in Game 2. I have lost my hope for them while loving how Josh Smith and the Hawks are playing, so I am plucking off a green jersey..
  • Kevin Garnett -- 35 PRA in Game 1, but I think that's because Rondo's penetration is freeing up the bigs. Either that, or Rondo knew how to dump it to KG and let him go to work off his ____ with the 3rd highest salary in the NBA. He will still get his numbers without Rondo, but his regular stats without Rondo is significantly reduced. So I'm putting my chips on Paul Pierce..
  • Paul Pierce -- 5 of 19 in Game 1. ''For us to win, I have to be a better player,'' Pierce said. ''I was a really big culprit.'' Last year right before I picked him he said a similar thing after a loss, and then went on to give me a measly 19 PRA. Not this time though. No Allen to provide the long range bombs. No Rondo to dish those dimes. Pierce can do those things. Pick him before Rondo comes back with a vengeance in Game 3.


  1. That's funny I just discovered your blog and we've picked exactly the same players(Pierce included)! Stoudemire was a good pick, he got 25 PRA and is off at least for next game

  2. I agree with you, Taong, but I'll wait for game 3 to start picking Hawks or Celts... So, my pick for today has to be a Philly... (There is no consistent pick on Denver). And it is Jrue Holiday.

  3. Nice to be back here Taong. Im going to go with Elton Brand, i think he can get a solid 10pts and 10 boards on the road, the other sixers will be better at home.

    Been really thinking about putting Bradley in with Rondo and Allen out. But he'll need to have atleast 22-24 drive-pts for that gamble to pay off, and he doesnt rebound or assist well.

    Plus, Sixers, Nuggets, Celtics/Hawks all play on the same days, there are alot of solid 20+ guys on these teams. Celt/Nugg/Six have IMO 9 solid 20+ guys.

  4. Hey jhuljhul, I hope you are enjoying Pierce's PRA at the half like I do :)

    And quark, you got to be loving Jrue's stats at halftime as well. Congratz :)

    Welcome back Rebound! I've always appreciate your inputs. Keep 'em coming.

  5. Emmm... I live in Catalonia and I can't follow the games life... They are very late in the night... But the first thing I do whwn I get up is to look at the stats.


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