Slap In The Face

Well how's that Melo? That was a stinker! Hehe! New York was buried by Miami. Big.. Time! If they continue to underperform, get ready to pick Stoudemire in Game 3 or 4 when they play at the Madison Garden. Yes, yes, we all miss Linsanity.

Btw, Rose had a PRA of 41 but suffered a torn ACL and will be out the rest of the way. Sad :(

Anyways, moving on..

Next up are the Jazz, who many believe (myself included) will fall early to the Spurs. Here are the options there:
  • Paul Millsap -- He went 18 pts / 10 rebs last time they played the Spurs, but Coach Pop rested his starters that game. Millsap was enraged, and said it was "a slap in the face". Look for him to get some payback. Note though that he went 2 pts / 3 rebs in his last game at the AT&T Center.
  • Al Jefferson -- He's the hottest pick, having been selected by almost a quarter of the drivers in the tournament. And it's hard to disagree. With a PRA of around 29, that's not bad at all. Against the Spurs in the regular season, he's been burning them with a little under 20 pts / 10 rebs effort per contest. Al, you're up!

With the Lakers-Denver matchup, I don't like the odds there if we pick the Nuggets to lose that series. Against the Lakers, Danilo Gallinari and Aaron Afflalo have been inconsistent, although they can tear 'em up with 20 pts if the wind goes in their favor. Or not. Pick at your own risk.

As for the other matches, they're a little grey area. Celtics (Pierce). Hawks (Smith). Clippers (Paul). Grizzlies (Randolph). We can debate all day and we will not come into any conclusion :P Let's wait for at least 2 games before we pick from them. But if you're itchy about picking a Hawk, you might as well pick Josh Smith.

Good luck!


  1. Chris Paul perhaps????

  2. I had three picks in my mind: Jefferson (UTA), Millsap (UTA) and Lawson (DEN). At last, i picked Jefferson... I think he's the most consistent...

  3. Me and my timing. On Day 1 I picked Jrue, saw what you wrote, noticed there probably isn´t time to pick all viable Knicks and wanted to change my pick to Anthony, but it was too late. Good thing, too, I´m very happy with Jrue.

    Day 2, I was very late in going online and wanted to pick a Jazz player, but lo and behold, that game was already underway, the players were locked. The only series left where I think I know who will be on the losing end might be Grizzlies/Clippers series as I don´t see the Clips as a playoff-ready team. So I picked Paul.

    Now if only the Clips go out like they are supposed to do.

    As a sidenote: First day of the Playoffs and already two torn ACLs with Rose and Shumpert (who nobody seems to care about in the wake of Rose´s injury). And all the idiots who don´t play the game to the finish and picked Rose on Day 1 sadly did everything correct.

  4. Yes Alex, that's the irony of it

  5. Gotta love consistency. We got what was expected of Jefferson.

  6. Yeah, well, it took all of 2 days this time around to get frustrated. Not only did the Clippers pull off one of the most ridiculous comeback possible in a playoffgame, on the road, in their first playoffappearance since 1972, against a team that knows all about upsets after their playoffs last year...

    but to make matters worse, Paul netted me a whopping 29? He should at least have done a 30-15-5! Argh.

    Ah well, them´s the breaks. If I had been online earlier I would have picked Millsap of Jefferson and would have gotten the exact same 29 either way.

    Now I pin my hope on the fact that Carmelo won´t let something like game 1 happen all over again. He should be on fire tonight.

    1. He should.
      Crap once, shame on bad luck.
      Crap twice, shame on him.


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