Welcome Back To The Finals, Mavs!

I need to give credit to the Thunder. Kevin Durant had a great series and I now believe he is unguardable. Yeah I call 3-on-1 unguardable. Durant and Westbrook will get even stronger because of this. It will be hard to keep up with them for the years to come. They made it tough on my Mavs. Real tough! Games 4 and 5 should be Ws for the Thunder, they could have been leading 3-2. But alas, the Mavs prevailed.

What about Dirk? Man, he continues to surprise me. He really wants this. The whole Mavs really want this. See how they all left the court not even letting the ceremony finish? They went straight to the locker room and start talking about the Finals! For them the WCF belt (sorry Durant) is nice, but they want the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy. There are no celebrations here. There are four games left to win.

Now, what about the Finals? I previously rooted for the Bulls because I like that match-up, but down 1-3 that's already improbable. Now, I am accepting our fate. If it is the Heat, then the Heat it is. We are now ready to face our demons. Bring it on!

It's gonna be a fun Finals!!!


  1. tao- I'm a Nuggets fan-- love Coach Karl. Since my boys are done, I'll be rooting for the Dirk crew to win it all. Can't stand the way the LBJ left Cleveland. Wish the Bulls had more options on offense. BTW, Cuban, the Mavs owner, is good for the NBA.

  2. Yeah it was not fun watching D-Rose get double-teamed and covered by LeBron, while the rest of the Bulls watch.

    Cuban is a great owner. Great for the Mavs and the NBA (Stern don't read blogs anyway hehe).

  3. Heat contained Boozer well last night. Mavs over Miami in 6.

  4. I got Heat in 5 or 6. Heat's D is the quickest D in the league and if any team can close out on those shooters it's them, Dirk i think will have his. The big three will get their points and it will also be hard if Marion and Stevenson get into foul trouble. But at the end defence usually wins.

  5. @rebound, defense will win the series, we can both agree on that. The Mavs have the same mentality.

    De-fense! De-fense!


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