Whining With My Head Cold

Just got tip that LeBron is fighting with a head cold. I understand that because I lost sleep last night with the same problem. (Either that or the Korean barbeque I feasted on yesterday.) Is he playing possum? Bulls will not buy that, by the way. Barkley was right, the Heat are whiners.

So I am changing my pick in the nick of time to Bosh.
Week 5, May 18:
Chris Bosh

Bosh had it going in Game 1 and I am hoping he keeps that groove in this next game.

Or you can follow the expert pick, Wade. He averages about +7 after subpar games this season.


  1. I'm going with DWade

  2. gl to us. hope lebron is not faking it

  3. wade and bosh below average. lebron hit average. ok he was faking it.

    they're saying haslem was the x-factor but he was -11 (+/-), the lowest among the heat.

  4. Faking or not, there was the injury alert... So I changed my mind and took Wade... Below average?? Well, he scored 35... Not so bad...

  5. yep, not so bad. was expecting a match of the 38 pra average for wade and little plus for supposedly bouncing back from a bad game 1 outing.

    bosh disappointed. during the game it looked like there was no play drawn out for him. it was all about setting screens for lebron and wade.

  6. tao- Wade produced well enough for me. Maybe Bosh needs to make a play for himself?

  7. bosh can only make a play for himself if somehow he ended up with the ball about 6 seconds remaining. but for the first few seconds, it's only lebron/wade.

    at least in game 1, there was a conscious effort to give the ball to bosh early in the shot clock. in game 2, not much.

    maybe that's the key to them winning.. don't rely on bosh hehe.


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