Call On Thor, God Of Thunder

This is one of the few moments of this game where you are forced to pick a player from the winning team.. or at least from the team you "think" will win.
Week 5, May 15:
Russell Westbrook

Why? Because it is a game 7! I think the Thunder will win, but (!) I will not risk losing the chance to pick Westbrook with his possible 36 PRA.

If Thunder loses, the Westbrook pick is spot on.
If Thunder wins, I get his PRA earlier and would probably pick a 15-PRA player in some point of the next round in exchange. The alternative is Mayo (assume 20 PRA now that he starts) which is just 5-pt difference.

Westbrook's 36 PRA is too precious to lose in a gamble.

Note that the Chicago-Miami conference finals starts on the same date. I still have the complete Bulls and the Heat roster available:
CHI Rose (41.3)
MIA James (40.4)
MIA Wade (38.8)
MIA Bosh (27.0)
CHI Deng (26.2)
CHI Boozer (23.1)
CHI Noah (22.5) <- note this

If you are forced to pick Mayo (who has lower PRA than Noah), then you might as well start picking from this new series.


  1. By far the hardest pick so far for me, i have already picked Westbrook, but not Durant. I have been thinking about taking the risk and not picking Durant for tomorrow, but im always changing my mind lol. Outside of Durant/Westbrook are better PRA players than outside of Gasol/Randolph/Conley. I hope OKC wins, otherwise im in trouble.

  2. Pick Durant. The worst thing that can happen is you still get Durant's PRA. Especially that they're playing at home where Durant will make sure they win or else get a backlash from the home crowd.

  3. @rebound Durant will score 40+ in any game... So, why taking the risk to have him out next round and lose 40+ points?? PICK DURANT!!

  4. I've used Durant so it looks like Westbrook today. As quark mentioned, Thunder may be out after today. Should be a barnburner!

  5. I gambled and it paid off, didnt pick Durant, was going to pick him but changed it 1/2 hour before the game. But you guys had some good points.

  6. Oh, oh... Durant scored 50... Who did you pick??

  7. Mayo, he got 21, above average night for him. Better to be able to choose Durant who average's 40 instead of a guy who averages 10. I just want to have guys that can produce something if one or both conference finals series go to 7. Say both series go 6, i will have to use 12 players and still have decent guys left for the finals.

  8. Good for you Rebound321. Enjoy Durant for Round 3.
    Gratz to those who picked Durant and Westbrook, too.

    Now.. my Mavs versus the Thunder.


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