Top 10 Disappointments

We have pumped our fists high with 50+ PRAs. And we have anguished over 10+ PRAs. Here is, to present tonight's Top Ten List,...

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Top 10 disappointing picks in this year's Drive To The Finals. Here we go...

#10. Carmelo Anthony (Round 1, Game 1, Knicks@Celtics) -- You expect Melo to step-in and show the world what the future of New York basketball will be. He averaged 36 PRA in the regular season. His PRA in this game: a measly 23 PRA (15 points). Four thousand drivers picked him this game, that's 1/5th of the driver base. Argh!

#9. The Hawks (Round 2, Game 6, Bulls@Hawks) -- Down 1-3, a staggering 8600+ of the drivers (43%) picked from the losing team with either Jeff Teague (19%), Al Horford (14%) or Jamal Crawford (10%). Their respective PRAs? 9, 12 and 11. Ouch!

#8. Zach Randolph (Round 1, Game 2, Grizzlies@Spurs) -- After scoring an outstanding 42 PRA in Game 1, 3800+ drivers jumped in and picked him the next game. Then he stunk it up and scored a low 19 PRA. Doh!

#7. Taj Gibson (Round 3, Game 4, Bulls@Heat) -- Now only 12% picked him this game, but who would have thought he'll get 1 rebound? In 9 minutes! You might as well not picked any player that day! Coach Thibs, what happened? Hmm?

#6. Carlos Boozer (Round 3, Game 5, Heat@Bulls) -- Boozer had PRAs of 44 and 34 before this game. Playing an elimination game at home and seemingly figured out the Heat defense, you'd expect him to be better. Then.. 5 points and 6 rebounds. The victim? Me, the expert, and 3200+ drivers. Sheesh!

#5. Serge Ibaka (Round 3, Game 5, Thunder@Mavs) -- Facing elimination and having scored a 28 PRA the game prior, 3600+ drivers including me picked him. Well, Nick Collison stole his minutes as the better defender on Dirk. Serge? Only 2 points and 3 rebounds. It hurt!

#4. Elton Brand (Round 1, Game 2, Sixers@Heat) -- 3800+ drivers expected the Sixers to lose this series, so Brand was supposed to be a safe pick. Well, yes the Sixers lost this game and later the series, but the 3 points Elton produced this game is horrendous! Nyaaaa!

#3. Dwight Howard (Round 1, Game 5, Hawks@Magic) -- 11200+ drivers picked him this game because they were facing elimination. If you pick Dwight in an elimination game, you expect to see a monster with double-double figures! Well, the Dwight was light and became Elmo with 8 points and 8 rebounds. Nyek!

#2. The Lakers (Round 2, Game 4, Lakers@Mavs) -- Facing a sweep, you'll expect Kobe and company to give it their all so 13000+ drivers picked either Kobe or Bynum. Well, it's one of the most lopsided games in the playoffs. In a 122-86 loss, Kobe scored only 17 points and Bynum got 6 points and 6 rebounds. Definitely not the show-time Lakers.

#1. The Spurs (The Playoffs) -- There are no particular game to point at, in fact their Big 3 produced to expectations in each of the games. But the series loss caused a lot of ripples in this Drive To the Finals game. Several drivers expected the Spurs to win this series, so in the whole round 13400+ picked opposing Zach and 7400+ picked Marc Gasol. The loss of these two, forced many drivers to pick Durant and Westbrook in Round 2 even if the Thunder were the favorites to win. And then the loss of these two young guns forced many drivers to pick Nowitzki in Round 3 even if the Mavs were the favorite in that series. And finally in these Finals, where the only players left in the Western Conference Finals for most drivers are fillers. Aiyaiyaiyaiyay Spurs!

So.. what's your Top 3?


  1. Nice job on this list!
    From the top of my head, #5 and #8 hurt me, specially #5, i was really considering picking Collison(25) for that game.

  2. Thanks Rebound! Took time though, there were several other busts as well. It was hard to pick the top 10. Same here #5 hurt the most among those which happened to me.

  3. I used Taj and Boozer way too late. I caught Melo, DHow, & Zach R at the right times.

  4. i caught zach in game 1 before he stunk. i caught melo in his daily point leading date.


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