Too Early To Pick Bosh?

Miami-Boston. The Celtics won the regular season, 3-1. One can argue the case that the Heat in its first few games was in an "adjustment period". On the other hand, on the last game where the Heat won, it was the bench which became the X-factor, not the new Big Three. With all these said, we can just ignore the regular season, because these teams become totally different and focused teams in the playoffs. What I want to do is compare these teams on individual matchups. The Big Three versus the Big Four.

O'Neal vs Ilgauskas ==> O'Neal (whoever)
Garnett vs Bosh ==> Garnett
Pierce vs Lebron ==> Lebron
Allen vs Wade ==> Wade
Rondo vs Bibby ==> Rondo
Bench ==> Celtics

Miami uses an 8-man rotation these playoffs, while the Celtics do reach into its deep bench (especially when Shaq returns).

Then in Game 1, the Heat beat the Celtics via Wade's explosion (and Pierce's ejection). However, I still believe the Celtics will win this series as they still have a chance to steal a game in South Beach before the Boston stretch. The Celtics will be working to clamp down on Wade, and the Celtics always know how to stop LeBron. That is why I am picking..
Week 3, May 3:
Chris Bosh

Sure Bosh (27.8) had a bad game shooting poorly in Game 1, but I could say the same for Garnett. I hope he takes advantage of Garnett's ineffectiveness while he has the chance. Especially that Perkins is gone and while Shaq is absent -- the path to the basket should be a little wide open than usual.

Other possible picks for you:
  • Paul Pierce (28.8) - Ah! Look for him to bounce back with a vengeance. Getting ejected is not something to be proud of.
  • LeBron James (41.0) - Safest pick if you still believe Heat will lose the series. A lot of people already used him in Game 1 though.
  • Kevin Durant (42.7) - Need I explain more? It's Durant! :)
  • Dwayne Wade (37.2) - If you believe Celtics still can't stop him, go ahead. I'm sure the Celtics are not happy they let Wade drop 38 on them.


  1. This series will get bloody. Is Bosh up for that?

  2. He will have his 25-10 game sometime this series, it's just going to be a toss up when it happens, the Heat will eventually have to go inside to him.

  3. That's why I'm taking him early.. if Shaq returns, Bosh can't do it as effectively with Shaq in the paint. Shaq practiced already, look to him appearing in Boston.

  4. Pick ALWAYS the best player!!!
    That's one thing I learned on this game...
    ... and the best Heat is Lebron...

  5. I will get LeBron's PRA when I do pick him later. What is the benefit of picking him now? Just to show and brag about how I got a boost with LeBron's PRA today? That was the mentality of some of those people who picked him in Game 1 and just got 30+ PRA. Patience is the key ;)

  6. tao- I picked LBJ in GM1 cuz I thought that would be his best game and I'm sticking to that opinion. I'm thinking about Pierce or Conley tonight.

  7. That's alright. Still plenty of stars to around.
    I'm having second thoughts about waiting too long to pick Durant.

  8. Tao... If you reserve all the good players, you can get a trouble... Imagine the last game with Durant, Lebron and (say) Rondo avaible... You will miss two great picks!!
    Best players will score (more or less) the same in each game. So, it doen't matter when you pick them...
    Anyway, today I'm going with RONDO.

  9. Haven't happened in the last 3 years yet. Always have time to pick the best players. I'm not worried.

  10. Rondo did great today compared to Pierce

  11. Congratulations on everyone who picked Rondo today. He got 38 PRA, tops today in that series. Celtics lost. Miami up 2-0.

    This also triggers my plan B for this series. A Celtic next game it is.

  12. Yep, Pierce let me down. Should've went with Conley. Oh well, it's a roll of the dice.

  13. I too thought Pierce will bounce back.

    I have just now looked to their series with New York and it seems he has the same lameness on Games 1 and 2. I should have spotted that behavior early on.


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