Round 3!.. Fight! [Update]

The Conference Finals are here!

The Heat got a stomping last night from the Bulls. LeBron lost some sleep and when he woke up, somebody drew an L on his forehead. Was he overthinking? Should he be sleeping and resting instead of studying? The Heat's Game 1 loss is not yet assurance of a series loss. Game 2, however, will be crucial. Lose again and the Heat will be on a 0-2 hole that will be hard to crawl up of. Win and the Heat will have the momentum going to South Beach and attempt a 3-1 advantage. While we wait for that, I have the Heat lined up for picking..
May 18:
LeBron James
May 22:
Dwyane Wade
May 24:
Chris Bosh

Prediction (after Bulls won Game 1): Bulls in 7.

75% of those who voted on this blog said the best strategy is to pick the best player from the losing team. That is correct and you should still do that in Round 3, but it will be understandable if you pick from a winning team this round. Just keep in mind to reserve four stars and about two 18-PRA players as backup for the Finals.

I still have the full roster available from the Bulls, Heat and Mavs, and none left from the Thunder except maybe Harden. This forces me to pick the Mavs early, although I predict they will win this series. Assuming the Bulls advance, I am picking Heat players this round, and will be left with only Bulls to pick in the Finals.

For the DAL-OKC series, I am picking my main man, the Diggler himself.

Week 5, May 17:
Dirk Nowitzki

The Thunder cannot guard him. Jeff Green can guard him some.. oh yeah he got traded. Perkins cannot follow him outside the paint. Look for him to produce aplenty as the Thunder switches a lot of people against him including Durant. I will not be surprised if they opt to let him just score but try to shutdown the rest of the team.

Other alternatives:
  • Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook - If you still have one, pick them outright. Most people used them already.
  • James Harden (21.2) - Most of you still have him. Pick a Thunder and try to save some Mavs for the Finals.
  • Jason Kidd (21.5) - Refreshed from the long rest (swept Lakers!). Always plays well early in the series, as seen versus the Blazers and the Lakers.
  • Jason Terry (24.1) - Number 2 option comes from the bench, but plays a lot of minutes. Owns the 4th quarter.

Prediction: Mavs in 5.


    1. tao- Same as you with OKC. I've used LBJ, D. Rose, and Dirk from the other three teams. I really need to learn more about the Mavs roster.

    2. Kidd will be refreshed, and he plays well in the first few games like he did in the last two series. Jet takes a while to heat up, in games and in a series so pick him on games 4 5 6.

      Past them and Dirk, no other Mav is 20 PRA-able. Barea, Marion, Chandler and Peja can do it but you have to feel them. Will be hard to pick them in timely manner. You would have to read news regarding lineup changes or man-to-man assignments.

    3. tao- Yep, it's definitley study time. Maybe I'll use Harden in GM1 til I figure out the Mavs.

    4. Harden is a safe pick. Mavs bench is less defensive (man-to-man) than the starters so Harden will have more freedom to shoot over Terry.

    5. @vapor If you have already used Durant and Westbrook, it's a risk to pick Harden, the only player who can get a 20+ for OKC... If OKC wins the series you will have no avaible players... I think it's time to pick a Mav; you can choose among many players and you'll still have many mavs for future picks.

    6. I would agree about expert pick's choice of Kidd today (although I am sticking to Dirk just for sake of picking different). Kidd will be well rested and play his best all around game. As the series goes on, he will gradually lose some speed and compensate with hustle plays (non-PRA stats). I got him lined up for Game 2.

      Go Mavs!


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