The Big Four

  • Rajon Rondo (35.5 PRA)
  • Paul Pierce (27.2)
  • Ray Allen (26.7)
  • Kevin Garnett (26.7)
There you go! There are your options. There are no other team to pick on this date than the Celtics, down 0-2. If the Heat sweep them, I am left with 2 Celtics to pick. If they go 7 games, I can use all four plus one from the other series (Mem-Okc). Rondo and Allen plays better at home than the road. Garnett is supposed to be better away from the Garden, while the court does not affect Pierce's play.
Week 3, May 7:
Rajon Rondo

I've been saying all along that this is not just a Big Three team, but a Big Four team. And the reason for that is Rondo -- averages double-double in the playoffs in points and assists. Not to mention that he is a rebounding PG in the mold of Jason Kidd. Definitely the Big in the Big Four.

Okay enough of my pick, what about M.. V.. P.. D-Rose in Game 3?! 44 points! 56 PRA! Oh that Bull is raging! I hope they keep this momentum and win the series. I haven't picked a Bull yet and have 2 Hawks left. I would love to have Chicago and Miami untouched coming into the Conference Finals.

UPDATE: Well there's that bigger story.. Mavericks up 3-0 against the Lakers. Happy I got 30+ PRA from Bynum in a losing effort (just the way I like it). I got Pau Gasol coming up next.


  1. I think Ray allen is going to step up from his poor performance last game.. He had a great game 1 and i expect him to duplicate that in game 3. Watch for Shaq to come in and command doubles leaving Ray open for 3's.. I'm saving Rondo for Game 4.

  2. Yep you can swap those two between Games 3 and 4, as both plays well better at home.

  3. Anon- I'm leaning towards Rondo today. Maybe Conley?

  4. rondo. keep picking celtics. each is better than conley

  5. tao- Conley was great in GM1 andd decent in GM2 of the OKC series. I can't get a feel for which Celtic will produce solid numbers.

  6. Ya I actually expect the Memphis series to go longer, So I would save Conley until when Celtics are out. Unless ofcourse u still have Randolph or Gasol available.

  7. Gotta be a Celtic. It's only 3rd quarter Game 3.. but if Celtics go 2-2 in the series, you run into danger of losing the chance to pick Celtics or Heat players (7 players). So if you are going to waste a pick on winning team, better waste it now than later.

  8. anon- Mayo could be another Griz worth looking at. I'm Ok with Conley's numbers last night. Congrats to those who picked Garnett.
    I've only used Kobe and will probably use a Laker today


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