Three Men And A Half

You have to love Rajon Rondo coming back to the 4th quarter playing with one arm dangling on one side. Aside from Willis Reed on one leg, who else can do such feat and win a playoff game? I salute you Rajon!

However, you can't expect him to play normally in Game 4. He won't be able to score as much. Paul Pierce have some leg problems during the game and that may carry over to the next game. Adrenaline can only last a game, after which the body realizes it is hurting. Garnett had a great game; if you think he can duplicate his efforts, go for him. As for me, I am picking the NBA's all-time leader in three points made..
Week 4, May 9:
Ray Allen

He's been consistent these playoffs despite dipping a little last game. Although he is one-dimensional (PRA), he is able to score in the upper teens and 20+ PRA. May he shoot the lights out in Game 4.

Alternatively, if you like the Grizzlies taking Game 4, pick Durant or Westbrook.


  1. I'm hesitant to touch any OKC player as of now as i think they will take that series. I've picked Pierce and Allen, so my next pick is going to be Garnett. I'll save Rondo for when he's healthier.

  2. If you still have Durant and Westbrook, pick one of them now. If Grizzlies win Game 4, the next game will be an elims game. So use one now.

    Worst case scenario if you choose Durant now and they still win series, you still have Westbrook for the conf finals, and the nice PRA off durant at least.

  3. tao- Yep, t may be Durant time cuz the Thunder will need a monster game from him. Thunder need to play Harden more for his offnse.

  4. correct. and besides harden, at least 4 thunders should be double digits. in comparison, grizzlies have always at least 5 players in double digits. more balanced scoring.

  5. I understand what you are saying but I just don't see OKC being eliminated in 6 games. I still feel confident that they will pull this series out.. Also even if they lose this game they go back home and i dont think they will lose at home even though they have before... I'm going to stick with Garnett for now and pick durant next game if they lose today. Its a risk, hope it pays off

  6. “You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go.”
    T.S. Eliot

  7. Durant was the first Thunder player I used so I'll be OK if they win the series.

  8. Same here. I only have conley and westbrook left available for this series


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