The Time Is Now

Pick Kobe.. check!
Pick Bynum.. check!
Pick Gasol.. checking..

Like Dirk, I admire Pau and other foreign players who change the game. I am happy to see them succeed in the NBA, especially with Pau earning the two rings he deserve. I pity the guy though. He has received a lot of criticism in this series. Mistakes at the end of Game 1. Boos from the crowd in Game 2. Scolding from Coach Phil in Game 3. I mean, lay off the guy's back, you ungrateful Lakers' fans! He has kept the same intensity he has since the New Orleans series and almost averages double-double in this Dallas series. It's not as if he has to carry the load by himself. Yes he made mistakes, but you can say the same thing and more with Phil, Kobe and the rest of the Lakers.
Week 4, May 8:
Pau Gasol

Forced to produce or motivated by the challenge, he should be able to go down fighting. We must assume a sweep coming so use your best remaining Laker. Good luck!


  1. Gasol is easy pick, but if you dig deeper into Gasols emotional issues of late Odom might be a better pick.. Apparently the reason Gasol has been out of it lately is because his model/gf broke up with him. Also this has caused underlying issues between kobe and Pau, but i wont go there. And he has a history of getting rattled easily. So Phil Jackson hitting him and all this criticism isn't going to help his case in my opinion.. But I really do hope he steps up to the occasion. He is my favorite on that team and i dont want to see him go out like this.

  2. Now that you mention that, I pity the guy more. I only hope Pau to maintain his PRA; any waking up from the dumps is just bonus.

    Odom is a nice pick too but with Artest coming back, it's too unpredictable for Odom.

  3. How about Bynum in GM4?

  4. For those who already picked Kobe and has Bynum available, go Bynum over Gasol. Bynum has it figured out how to score inside.

  5. Looks like Pau's going to be traded this off-season..

    (Perhaps more than anything, the notion that Pau Gasol can be this team's next great leader was swept away. His sudden and odd postseason disappearance was the most obvious reason for the Lakers' troubles, his fall completed Sunday when he scored 10 points while being pushed around by everyone but his coach, who thankfully refrained from hitting him for a second consecutive game.

    "I have to learn from this," Gasol said. ''I have to learn that when something happens off the court, you have to keep it off the court."

    He was referring to the report that he stopped talking to Bryant during the postseason because Bryant's wife, Vanessa, had contributed to the breakup of Gasol and his longtime girlfriend. Lakers fans will remember that Karl Malone once publicly accused Vanessa of interfering with his personal life in a similar fashion.

    Whatever was happening, Bryant and Gasol haven't connected on the court in a month, and the Lakers have been lost without the strength of their fusion.)

  6. :(

    though orlando will not give up dwight without a 2nd star in the trade. maybe involve a 3rd team

    my bet is on keeping core of lakers intact.

  7. Bynum hurt me yesterday. He should get suspended for at least ten games for that cheap shot yesterday.

  8. everything went wrong for the lakers, just an all-out ugly game.


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