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J-Smoove is up!

Week 4, May 12:
Josh Smith

Josh Smith is my last available core Hawk. In this series, he is second to Joe for most field goal attempts. Also against the Bulls, he has played well at home with PRAs of 34 and 47 in Atlanta. I do hope he continues that trend. Really! Please! ;)

Now let us talk about this Jeff Teague, who started this series in place of the injured Kirk. Kirk to me was more of a threat from the outside than Jeff. Opponents learned to respect Kirk thus creating more space for the Hawks, especially for Al and Joe. With Jeff coming in, the Bulls can clog the lanes more as they don't see Jeff as a 3-pt threat. That to me is a big difference -- the spacing. Yes, Teague has produced more than either Kirk (would have) or Jamal can output in this series. But his style of play is something that the Hawks have not planned for the playoffs.

With Jeff's nice play, Jamal has suffered the most with less minutes. Jamal has been unable to find his groove; hence the poor shooting in Games 2 and 5. That is far from the Jamal we know who suddenly lit up last round against the Magic.

If there's a benefit at all to this is that you can replace the Jamal pick with the Jeff pick. Pick away.


  1. Horford is my one decent Hawk left. Josh was decent in GM5 for me. Teague is a big gamble to use.

  2. I used teague over Johnson last game, and it paid off... but i agree it is a risk.. this game i'm going with Johnson.

  3. Gratz Anon, you got Teague on his best day.

  4. Going with Horford

  5. Gratz Anon, Johnson got the highest PRA even though they all s_cked that game. Josh 2nd.


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