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The Bulls-Hawks series are even at 2-2. If you are not a fan of either team, you won't know who's got the upper hand! One game, you thought one team has the other in their grasp; the next thing you know you have a reversal!

We might as well treat this as a best-of-three match. And who do you pick to get first to two wins? That is where you should base your pick. Pick the best remaining player from the team you are predicting to lose. For me that would be..
Week 4, May 10:
Joe Johnson

I certainly hope the Bulls win this game because I have not picked a Bull yet. Love to have Rose, Boozer and Deng intact for the conference finals.

If Bulls lose Game 4, then I am picking Rose in Game 5.


  1. I think hawks are going to get crushed in game 5 and put up a fight in game 6 but ultimately get eliminated in 6. So i think hawks superstars will have better games at home so I'm saving Joe Johnson for game 6. I've already picked smith and horford, so i have either teague or crawford. And since teague plays 40+ min per game as opposed to crawfords 28 im going with teague tonight and johnson for game 6... This is also a risk, but hope it pays off

  2. i certainly hope they lose in game 5, too.

  3. I've used one Bull, DRose and two Hawks, JCraw and Joe J. Maybe it's Josh Smith time. This is a hard pick.

  4. @vapor The thing is if you use all the picks on both teams now, you must pick Heat player next round... And the same for the othes Conference Final... So, you'll maybe have no great players to pick on the Final...

  5. One only need about 4 stars in finals and about 2 serviceable ones


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