It's Been A Harden's Night

And he was sleeping like a log. Now, he should be working like a dog.
Week 6, May 23:
James Harden

The Mavs did a good job containing Harden and the Thunder bench. There were times in the first half that he looked lost in offense. Maybe he did wake up in the second half, but alas it was too late and not enough to rally. So I am betting Harden will carry that zest over to the next game, and the first play off the bench will be directed to him to get him going. And on the side wishing they still lose that game so my next pick will be Ibaka, my last good Thunder.

And oh yeah, my CHI-MIA Game 3 pick is..
Week 6, May 22:
Luol Deng

This is an adjustment I am making just for the sake of picking differently from the expert who is picking Derrick Rose. Come to think of it, this is not the game where Rose has the best motivation to produce and take over the game by himself. That will be more likely the game after a 1-2 hole or the elimination game (or in Finals Game 1 if that happens). Besides, Coach Tibs was talking about winning as a team and he wanted the rest of the team to play harder, and more importantly stick to the game plan. UPDATE: There's also that 'steroids in NBA' topic that should keep Rose's mind rattled in this game.

Luol Deng is a safe pick for this day. There are no statistics I can see that will give him plus (or minus) in any point of this series, as he has been consistent. I am not worried about him not getting at least his average PRA. He will deliver.

Fingers crossed.


  1. I'm thinking about Noah, maybe he'll grab 20 rebounds.

  2. I'm going with Noah...
    ...and Collison next day...

  3. Noah is too unpredictable. His Atlanta Game 5 (0/6/3) was horrible yet they won. Good luck with him, may he grab more than his tops 15 rebs this playoffs.


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