Is South Beach Looking Good?

I wanted the Celtics to win so bad. Or do I really want them to win? Maybe I just hate the Heat so much that I want them to lose. Did Yoda say, "hate leads to suffering"? Oh did he? Darn, Yoda's messing with me again.

Alrighty then! I said four blogs ago that if the Heat wins the first two games, that I will then start picking Celtics. And that is exactly what I will be doing. Here is my updated pick chart..

Default if
CHI 2-1
LAL 3-1
OKC 2-1
BOS 3-2
4 G2 G2 Bryant
6 G3 G3 Rose
7 G3 G3 Rondo
8 G4 G4 Deng Johnson
9 G4 G4 Allen
10 G5 G5 P.Gasol P.Gasol Nowitzki
11 G5 G5 Pierce
12 G6 G6 Bynum Bynum Noah
13 G6 G6 Westbrook* Garnett Lebron
15 G7 G7 G7 Noah Smith Kidd
16 G7 Garnett Conley Wade
* pick at elimination game

“The most successful people are those who are good at Plan B.”
- James Yorke

Oh look, there's a Plan C there somewhere. Can you spot it?


  1. I think you should pick Pierce playing home (game 3 or 4).

  2. They are looking pretty good. They have had a good handle on the Celtics in their last 3 meetings, beating them by a combined margin of 43 points. C's need to win 4 out of the next 5, i dont think they can do it. I got Rondo for game 3, he always plays well in wins as i predict the C's will do in game 3.

  3. picking Rondo as well
    divorce and playoffs don't mix
    re: tony parker

  4. I will be going with Ray Allen for this game and saving rondo for game 4

  5. why do you hate Heat so much?

  6. @Anonymous, Allen is good pick as well. Allen and Rondo are better at home than on road. Pierce, anywhere.

    @Vee, you got me. My bad. I'm gonna sulk in the corner in guilt. Wait, let me click this Post Comment button..

  7. Is it time to use a Laker on Friday? Maybe Kobe?

  8. Big yes. Pick Kobe if you still have him. I used him on the wrong night though. Game 3 should be better for him.

  9. Im not completely sold on the Mavs winning the series. Out of all NBA teams i think the Lakers are the most capable team of turning around an 0-2 deficit on the road. Just to be safe im gonna pick one of the Laker bigs. 4 teams in their position have done it before, they definitely have the guys to do it.

  10. Totally agree on you there that they have the guys to do it. They are still the champions. Kobe won 5 rings. Jackson won the most. It will be good for the NBA and Jackson to see him drive 4 three peats.

    That is why the Mavs are treating this series as if they have not done anything yet.

  11. Oh make that one less guy capable of doing it. If you look at the video, not only did Artest give Barea the clothesline, he gave Odom the roundhouse kick :P The NBA smelled what the Rock is cooking.

  12. I am going with Odom tomorrow, just being safe and with Artest being suspended, Phil might use the size advantage with Odom instead of Barnes on the wing: Odom/Marion or Odom/Stojakovic.

    Will save Kobe on Game 4 no matter what.

  13. @basketballfan, how about Bynum and Gasol?

  14. Kobe on Friday. Pierce on Saturday...

  15. Kobe in an elimination game -- best timing to pick him.


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