Follow Expert Pick Or Not?'s Expert Pick is Derrick Rose.

I initially scheduled Rose to be picked next, but I also said I will be avoiding the expert pick. Granted, Rose is only selected by only 8% (top 4). My alternative is Luol Deng selected at 13% (hot pick and top 3). So it's avoding the expert pick or avoiding the hot pick.

Should I go ahead pick Rose? or change to Deng?

I will postpone my selection until about 9 hours from this time of writing. See you in a few hours.


  1. tao- I'm thinking about Deng. Maybe Haslem?

  2. update:
    rose (expert pick) was 11 PRA below average
    deng (my pick) was 4 PRA below average
    boozer (most popular pick) had 44 PRA! so lucky these people :)


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