The Finals Are Set!

The Dallas Mavericks facing the Miami Heat.

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Who would you root for? Or who would you like to lose? Love and hatred are two different things you know ;)

For this Drive to the Finals game, I have these people left..
  • Surefire: Dwyane Wade, LeBron James
  • Gets there: Shawn Marion, Tyson Chandler
  • Might get there: J.J. Barea, Peja Stojakovic
  • Filler: Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem
Who do you have left?

Of course, the strategy of picking the best player on losing team does not work in the Finals anymore. This is when we reap the rewards for holding our bladder earlier in the playoffs, saving the players for this moment of picking. What most of the people as I read will do is pick the best player at home games. I will be doing the same but tweak it a little based on a player's split statistics - home or away record versus the opponent. Keep track of news also, e.g. Wade with slight injury during Game 5 with the Bulls. Watch a lot of NBA interview videos and look for signs of emotions. Maybe I will blog one day trying to interpret a player's emotion in an interview, look for lies and bluffs, and how that will affect the next game (I will try to re-view some Lie To Me episodes).

This is also the stage of the game where most of the people up in the DTTF rankings have no stars left to pick. Current top ranker kburris123 for example already used Dirk/Terry and Wade/James. I am betting most of those people in that page 1 have no all-star left to use. A lot will scramble for picks using role-players. If this is a foot race, it is now time to sprint!

Come back next blog as David Letterman gives us the Top Ten Disappointments In Drive To The Finals so far... not!


  1. Who i got left:
    Surefire: Nowitzki, James, Wade, Bosh
    Gets there: Chandler, Barea
    Filler: Peja or maybe Haslem

    Im propobly going to use Wade in the later stages of the series and see if his shoulder maybe gets better, he had been below his normal PRA in the Chi series so maybe the shoulder has been bothering him through the series. Im going with Lebron in the opener, he's been going off in Wade's "low" games.

  2. Nice picking Rebound, you gotta love having the Big 3 and the Big German in there!

  3. My only big name is Bosh and he's not Surefire. I have Berea but used Chandler with success already. It could be a "filler' series for me.

  4. Pick Bosh the game after both LeBron and Wade had an off-night. Or one of them had an off-night. Or the elims game. Game 1 will be a bad time to pick Bosh.. I think.

  5. tao- Yep, I'm still mulling over Bosh for GM1. Maybe I'll go with Berea?

  6. ah it's coin flip. barea is not bad, his points are proportional to his minutes. his minutes are anywhere between 13 and 26. you want him playing 20+ mins.

  7. tao- Barea's minutes vary, but I'll probably have to use him sometime during the Finals.

  8. barea's pick and roll with dirk is more successful in the early goings of a series, after which an opposing team adjusts on how to defend on it. here's a nice article on it..


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