Memphis, Believe

Do you believe Memphis can win two straight? Do you believe Memphis can win a game in front of the Thunder fans? Yes, and yes! They have already done both in these playoffs; imagining they can is not that hard to do. Well, easy for me to say! I know it is hard but it is possible. They have defied expectations:
  • Won Game 1 in San Antonio
  • Won the San Antonio series in 6
  • Won Game 1 in Oklahoma City
Tell me if you expected them to do all these.. yeah, I guessed right, you didn't. Tell me you did not pick a Grizzly in Game 1 of Round 1, or in Game 1 in Round 2. Tell me you still have both Zach and Marc available for picking. You don't. The truth is you have to be a die-hard Memphis fan to say all these. Memphis, believe!
Week 4, May 13:
Mike Conley

Like most of you, I only have Conley left to pick from the Grizzlies. Lucky you if you still have Zach or Marc -- pick them outright.

NOTE: If Hawks beat Bulls in Game 6, and if Grizzlies beat Thunder in Game 6; then both Game 7s will be on the same date (May 15). Will you risk losing the chance to pick either Rose, Durant or Westbrook (if you have them)? My pick plan is this..
  • If Hawks win Game 6, I will change my May 13 pick to Westbrook, and then pick Rose on May 15.
Honestly, I want the Bulls and the Thunder to finish off their opponents as soon as possible, in their respective Game 6s!


  1. I've used MGasol, Conley & zach. Friday's game will be a tough pick

  2. That overtime loss hurt them, they wont win 2 in a row, they will maybe push it to 7 but i dont think they can get that one in OKC. But a great season for them. I hope OKC wins because i have used more Grizzlies than Thunder players.

  3. Westbrook for the elimination game...

  4. i still believe that okc will win game 7 especially since durant had a horrible shooting output today. If you want to play it safe and get big points, pick durant.

    However in my case, I still have durant and marc gasol with me, so I will pick gasol next and risk not picking durant. I am truly confident that okc will win this series

  5. Same here, quark. Westbrook up next. Win or lose.

    Anon, it is a risk indeed. I wouldn't have the guts to do that pick.

  6. If Griz win GM7, I'll have to use a lot of Mavs next RD. I've used Zach, Gasol, Conley, & Mayo.

  7. I still have Mayo if needed next round. They are starting Mayo now so maybe..


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