Bring Out The Jet

The series is even at 1 game apiece. In Game 1, the X-factor was J.J. Barea. In Game 2, it's James Harden. Harden impressed everyone with his 34 PRA that, as of now, almost 30% have already picked him for Game 3. And as promised, I'm straying away from the pack.
Week 5, May 21:
Jason Terry

Jet in Game 1 managed only 8 points in 3 of 9 shooting (9 PRA). A lot of people picked him in Game 2 so that was really unfortunate. Who knew that the Mavs' 2nd scoring option will slump? But let's credit the Thunder who really set out to limit Terry's capability coming into Game 2.

Here.. where will you bet more? Terry still slumping in Game 3, or Harden still doing an imitation of Durant? As the Mavs adjust to Harden and Terry adjust to the defense, I'm expecting both to get back to their average PRAs. I also mentioned before that Terry needs to warm up to get hot later in the series. So after 2 games, that should be enough of a warm-up for him.

For those looking for other players who "may" become an X-factor for Game 3..
  • Barea - great in both games when he was on the floor, but a little benched in Game 2 because Harden was shooting over him. He will still get his 15 points and a few more assists.
  • Chandler - 15 points, 13 rebounds. If the Mavs won, he would have been tagged the X-factor in that game.
  • Kidd - had a fairly good Game 2 but only 3 of 8 from long range. He can do better.
  • Ibaka - he disappeared in Game 2 having to put all energy on defense. He can revisit his offense playing at home.
  • Marion - I saw some plays for him in game 2. He should be able to continue bringing mismatches inside the paint.


  1. sheldon cooper tapping on christian's shoulder, "there there"

  2. Tough call tonight. Maynor is a long shot if Westbrook plays less. Marion's shot from the chest isn't looking great lately.

  3. Marion's midrange and outside shots are no longer accurate. Only floaters, layups and dunks.

    Can't expect Westbrook to play less minutes still. Maynor's game 2 play was only situational.

  4. halftime X-factor status:
    name P R A

    marion 12 1 1

    gets there:
    kidd 6 2 5
    stojakovic 7 3 1
    ibaka 7 5 0
    collison 5 4 1

    getting there:
    chandler 5 5 0
    terry 7 1 3
    barea 2 2 3

    harden 0 1 0

  5. harden improved in 2nd half but too late.
    terry slowed down for me with just 20 PRA.
    winner of today's game x-factor..
    marion 18 pts 4 reb 1 ast

  6. Chandler's 15 rebounds saved me last night.

  7. Yeah chandler was great as well. As he said early on that he we will his team into a win. 15 rebs do that


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