Beware The Thorn In Rose

Coming into the Conference Finals, I got 4 superstars that I believe will get me boosts in this game: Dirk, LeBron, Dwyane and MVP Derrick. Dirk did that for me in Game 1 pushing me up about +10 in percentile. And with Miami now leading 2-1, I am now forced to play my trump card.
Week 6, May 24:
Derrick Rose

This is the game to pick him. He will not allow the series to go 3-1 in favor of the Heat because deep inside he knows the Bulls cannot recover from that. So he will do all he can to win this game. I do not think Coach Tibs will still pursue the "feed Boozer" game plan because all that did in Game 3 was to go neck-to-neck with the Heat. They want something that will give them the advantage. I am no basketball coach but it is silly at this stage to try something new. It has to be the tried and tested Rose-make-it-happen game plan. I love seeing Rose drive to the basket because it opens up a lot of opportunities: score himself, draw fouls, pass out to shooters like Deng, drop ball to Boozer as Bosh comes to help and double-team. He draws so much attention.

If you believe Tibs will still employ the same Game 3 plan, go ahead and pick Boozer. Just do not pick Noah just yet as he now still contends with that slur issue with a fan - wait until he gets home and away from the hooplah.

The important thing is to start picking Bulls because in a worst case scenario of Heat-in-5 you are left to pick 2 Bulls only. For me, that would be Rose then Noah. If they even the series, then it's back to picking either LeBron or Dwyane for the other scenario of Bulls-in-6.


  1. I used DRose early and I agree it's time to start using Bulls. Noah didn't do much for me last night. It looks like it 's Boozer or Deng in GM4 for me. If Korver and/or Bogans don't start hitting from the perimeter the Bulls are toast.

  2. oh that's a toss up
    deng is the safe pick
    boozer is the risk pick but high potential

  3. Going Thunder tonight but I've used their Big 3. I'm leery about Ibaka. This is when the contest gets brutal.

  4. I'm down to either pick Boozer or D Rose in game 4.

  5. @vapor, gl with ibaka. care to pick a mav instead? you can always pick ibaka in the elims game

    @gradykhi, great job holding on to rose. if my blog made sense to you, it may be time to pick rose. if not, boozer is not a bad pick anyway. gl with your pick!

  6. vapor, gl indeed. ibaka played great despite the loss. 28 pra

  7. tao- I've used the the best OKC players. It's probably Mav time .

  8. dirk. terry. kidd. marion. chandler. barea.
    in order.

  9. @Tao, two nights in a row, people w/ the top picks has done well. Since last week, these players I picked produced only between 9-20 PRA. I considered taking D Rose tonight over Boozer. Players that had a good game the previous game will not perform so well the next game. Let's hope the MVP puts up 50+ PRA tonight, I need a huge boost to climb up in rankings. Gl w/ your pick tonight Tao.

  10. minutes ago i was tempted to change picks again and reserve rose for an elims game. with points of 28, 21 and 20 in the first 3 games, i am not encouraged. boozer was looking better.

    but spock prevailed and kept his composure.

    still picking rose. @gradykhi, may the force be with us!

  11. halftime report:
    L. James (17)
    C. Boozer (15)
    D. Rose (14)
    J. Noah (14)
    D. Wade (11)

    rose was horrible in q1. got it going at the end of q2. go rose, go!

  12. yay! Boozer was the right pick for me.. Now, I have no one left to pick from Bulls on Game 5.. I still have Gibson though

  13. Gratz Vee on the Boozer pick. Gibson is much worse than some of Miami's bench. So might as well pick a Heat player. I'll suggest Haslem or Miller.

  14. Yeah, I agree with you about Gibson.. Do you think Miller will do good in game 5? He's so inconsistent. I think I'll better go with Haslem :D

  15. Rose still ended up getting 32 PRA which I'm still satisfied with. I wished he knock down those open 3's he could have had 40-50 PRA. Even though the heat is building a brick wall around him.

  16. @Vee, go with Haslem. You're right with Miller, so inconsistent - maybe got a good Game 4 but we don't know for Game 5.

    @gradykhi, I was really expecting 40+ from rose to bump me up past 90%, but... meh


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