Deadly Ants: Durant and Bryant

Ah this is an interesting postseason! Game 1 upsets by Memphis and Atlanta had me rethink about the situation. Here is my new pick plan..

Default if
MIA 2-0
OKC 2-1
CHI 2-1
LAL 3-1
1 MIA MEM M.Gasol
2 ATL DAL Crawford
3 G2 G2 Durant
4 G2 G2 Bryant
6 G3 G3 Rose
7 G3 G3 Lebron Westbrook
8 G4 G4 Deng Johnson
9 G4 G4 Wade Rondo
10 G5 G5 P.Gasol P.Gasol Nowitzki
11 G5 G5 Westbrook Pierce Bosh
12 G6 G6 Bynum Bynum Noah
13 G6 G6 Bosh Allen Conley
15 G7 G7 G7 Noah Smith Kidd
16 G7 Rondo Garnett Rondo

Don't get me wrong. Oklahoma can still come back; they just have to get their acts together against Memphis. They can no longer just rely on Durant/Westbrook/OneOther to get through; they have to spread it. Unless I see them do it and steal one in Memphis, I will continue to pick Thunder players.Because of this I'm changing my pick for May 3 from Bosh to Durant, because Durant is better than any Miami/Boston option. Look for him to do whatever it takes to even the series.
Week 3, May 3:
Kevin Durant

Also one other thing for May 4.. Bynum during Game 1 has been below average. Maybe Chandler has something to do with it, or because freaking Kobe took 29 attempts (Bynum took just 8 attempts). I would like to see Bynum have one good game before I pick him. So I'm changing my pick to the Black Mamba.
Week 3, May 4:
Kobe Bryant

If you already used Bryant before (why?), pick Pau Gasol instead.


  1. Right picks!! At last you follow my rule: pick always the best avaible player...

  2. A Kidd pick is hardly a best player pick.

  3. It's very simple: First you decide on which team you want to pick; and then take the best avaible player... Maybe you fail on team election, but not on player election.
    For instance, I decided to pick on Hawks, Celts, Grizzs and Mavs... unless any of them has seriuos options to win the series... So I will have 3 or 4 teams for picking in conference finals and just one in the final.

    I took KIDD because I had to choose between him and Terry... and the first match is the best for Kidd (stats say...).

  4. i don't know about you guys, but i am not following just one rule. auto-pilot is a no no. should be combo of the good part in many strategies.

  5. Harden helped the Thunder Twosome last night. I'm thinking about D. Rose tonight before his ankle goes completely.

  6. According to the news D. Rose seems fine.;_ylt=Agv7LA8.a4oj5o5Gan6U6yW8vLYF?slug=ap-hawks-bulls
    Worked full practice.

  7. tao- If Rose doesn't remain somewhat healthy, the Bulls are done.

  8. From what I saw in Game 1, they are done. It's sad because they got Coach of the Year, MVP and season's most wins. So much promise. Boozer not 100% and Rose too, I can only shake my head. A waste of a season if they can't get to Conference Finals at least.

    Stand pat though.. things weirder than this has happened before.

  9. Hey vapor49, did you pick Rose? He's got 18 PRA just for 1st quarter. Seems like a good pick for today. Ankle fine. 40+ PRA incoming..

  10. tao- Yep, Took Rose and gained on you guys


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