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Was Dirk a monster or what? Dirk scored 40 and Mavs rally down 15 in crunch time to tie it up at end of regulation, and then shut down Durant to win it in overtime. Mavs are up 3-1 and the next game is tough for the Thunder as they go over to Dallas Fort Worth to try to extend the series. Or go home early and watch the Finals from the couch.

My last good Thunder is Serge Ibaka.
Week 6, May 25:
Serge Ibaka

I got to give it to the expert and 26% of the owners as they picked Ibaka in Game 4 where he had a double-double 18 points and 10 rebounds. This is the second-highest PRA he got in the postseason. That was a lucky pick. And I hope Ibaka does the same thing for me in Game 5. They are double-teaming Durant a lot and most of the time Ibaka is left open to knock down those jump shots.

I would like to spend the rest of this blog entry to give recognition to Serge Jonas Ibaka Ngobila and the work he does off the court to help the children of Africa, giving them a chance to have a better life with more opportunities for education, health, development and more importantly for me, peace.

For more of Serge's charity-related activities, you may visit

God speed!


  1. Serge was great for me last night. Isn't ex-NBAer Motumbo very active in an African country?
    I'll go with a Bull tonight 5/24.

  2. Yes Mutombo started all these.
    See the similarities? Blocking. Charities.

  3. I've used Ibaka.. I have no choice but to go with Collison, he is better than Perkins don't you think?

  4. Yes Vee, Collison in this series is better than Perkins. Nick's time on the court guarding Dirk gives him more time for offense as well.

    Why not pick a Mav though? Nick's 12 PRA is much much lower than the 18 or 20+ PRAs left with Mavs players.

  5. google is getting to be a nightmare. I have to clear cookies every morning to post here. Blew it on Taj last night. I'll use a Bull in GM5.
    Tonight it's a Mav-I've used the 4 Thunder players worth using.

  6. Rose didn't live up to my expectations as well. Still below 90%. Gotta use Wade and LeBron wisely in the Finals to get there.

  7. I'm reserving Mavs and Heat for finals.. I've already used Dirk and Terry from Mavs & Lebron. I have no choice but to go with Collison :)

  8. Ibaka or Collison? I feel that this game will get out of hand quickly. Hopefully, OKC will not quit early or else bench players will play more minutes. Who should I picked?

  9. @Vee, how about kidd, marion or chandler?

    @gradykhi, Ibaka.

  10. OK, let's hope he gets near 30+ PRA.

  11. Ibaka was a huge let down tonight. He was in foul trouble all night and he did not even played in the 2nd half at all. So in the finals, I will still have Dirk, Barea, Chandler and Peja if they can be effective. The Heats big 3 if they can closed the series out tomorrow night. I might considered using the top picks strategy since it's working so far.

  12. Yes! Collison was not a bad choice :D .. kidd, marion & chandler are reserved for finals so are Bosh and Wade.

  13. i hate dttf this game.
    i love mavs this game.

    moving on. go mavs!


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