You Melo Too Much You Ripen and Rot

Week 1, April 19: Carmelo Anthony

In light of Orlando's loss Saturday, a lot of people jumped off the Orlando ship and is picking Dwight Howard. I, however, believe that there will still be plenty of time in the series to pick Dwight/Jameer or Joe/Josh/Al. If Orlando loses Game 2, then we're picking Jameer on Game 3 and Dwight on Game 4. If they win, then we pick a Hawk.

If you haven't picked a Blazer yet, do pick LaMarcus Aldridge now (for explanation, see my first pick -- should be the same in Game 2). He's the only wise pick this early in that team. If like me you already picked him, then pick a Knick.

With the Knicks, only Amare and Carmelo are worth picking. Amare is a good pick, but his home record is better than his away record so I want to pick him on either Game 3 or Game 4 (elimination game the better) where he will work hard to even the series while in the Garden. On the side, I think they cannot get past the Celtics. They gave up too much in the Melo trade, that it will take next year for them to be a legit threat (Chris Paul perhaps?).

So I am left with Carmelo. He is not a bad pick for tomorrow. You know he will produce more because Game 2 will be a statement game for him. He scored only 15 points in Game 1 (way below his average) and he would want to bounce back. A PRA of less than 35 will be a disappointment.


  1. A few people are picking Andre Miller, but you are right they might as well pick LaMarcus instead.

  2. I'm going with Amare in GM2

  3. I will save melo since I already picked amare, plus chauncey will not play on game 2 so I assume that they will fall 0-2.. Game 3 will be huge and Melo is the kind of player that will score in bunches to win game 3

  4. @vapor49, yeah amare is fine if you believe he will perform better. you may save melo later

    @anonymous, yeah if already picked amare, stay away from picking any knick in game 2


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