Welcome to the NBA.com Drive to the Finals 2011 Blog :P

Welcome to the 2011 edition of the daily Drive to the Finals blog. Each day, I'll provide you with my pick for the day. I am looking to partially replace the good 'ol NBA.com Expert Pick articles which by the way is nowhere to be found this year. I've been playing this game for the last 2 years, and last year I finished in the 95th percentile of all the people playing this game (the experts boast of 99th percentile). I am aiming to raise my standing this year, and in the process help you with your picks and raise your own standing.

I am a numbers man and mostly base my picks on statistics first, knowledge of the news second, and feel last. I will no longer explain how to play the game as I assume my readers already know. But basically our strategy is in Round 1 to Conference Finals, we will pick players from teams which we think will lose. Of course, we will be proven wrong in certain points of the playoffs, and during those times we will adjust accordingly.

I will also compare my standing with that of the expert pickers (Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson, and newcomer Chris Webber). Throughout the past years, Ernie's picks are the best (at one point he was accused of cheating hehe) while Barkley's are the worst (sorry Barkley, you were never good at betting ;)

Here's hoping to have fun this playoffs. Let's go Mavs!


  1. We picked the same on Day 1 & 3. I had CP3 on day 2. How did you find Blunt Nation? Sunspot, CBS, or MacApp?

  2. Nice pick on CP3 on Day 2! You just have to rely on Lakers winning. Well, they're supposed to win. I'm not really a Kobe fan (more on the other side), so I didn't pick CP3.

    No idea about this blunt nation though.


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