Win, Lose or Ty.. Grab a Miller Lite

April 23 schedule:
Chicago@Indiana (3-0)
Dallas@Portland (2-1)
San Antonio@Memphis (1-1)
Oklahoma City@Denver (2-0)
Week 1, April 23:
Ty Lawson
Indiana is in the verge of being eliminated, so one would have thought that a Pacer is the wisest pick. However, Danny Granger is by now picked in most leagues, and there are no other Pacer averaging more than 20 PRA. There are still plenty of players above 20 PRA in other losing teams.

Winless Denver will look to score a W at home. As I said before in the comments, I will pick Nene next. However, he is listed day-to-day with a groin injury. Plowing through the Nuggets roster I find Ty Lawson who likes to play at home, scoring 3 more points in average than when he's on the road. I should be getting anywhere between 21 and 25 PRA from him. I really need it! ::crossfingers::

Other notable possible picks:
Andre Miller - will save him for Game 5@Dallas. Go Mavs!
Gerald Wallace - stats fluctuate. As I said, coach does not run most plays through him
Marc Gasol and Mike Conley - series is still even at 1-1, so will have to wait
Nene - stay tuned right before the game if there's news that he'll play. If he does, we're changing the pick to him.

UPDATE: Arron Afflalo will play and might start in game 3. This changes the setting. I did further research and worked out the game logs and stats, when Ty and Arron played together as starters and also when Arron was injured and inactive. It turns out that Ty is less effective with Arron, than without him. The amount of games involved are not that many, but I'm not going against the numbers when I see them. So I am changing my pick to..
Week 1, April 23:
Andre Miller


  1. Ty could break out but Felton may share some of that "guard" offense. Go Nugs!!

  2. arron is playing though. so more offense shared.
    that's why i'm changing pick to andre miller.

  3. Nugs were disappointing. Randolph and Granger were beasts yesterday.

  4. Was right about Arron diluting Ty's numbers.


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