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We're almost done with first round of the playoffs (::grumbles at the Spurs and Grizzlies::) As you can see my picks have met no fortune as I grade my Round 1 as average. Absolutely below the standards I set for myself. At this point of the playoffs last year I was already in the 80th+ percentile, but clearly this is not the case this year. At the beginning of this blog I mentioned I would like to beat the final 95th percentile I got last year. That is still possible but it will be extremely difficult. Like the Mavs, my motto from hereon is "persistence". Just keep on playing.

So instead of targeting just the end goal, I would like to divide it into milestones. And to help me with that will be the so-called experts of and TNT.

This Round 1 seems to be just enough to be in par with's Expert.

At the end of Round 2, I would like to pass Kenny Smith and Chris Webber. To do that, I would need to plan my picks ahead of time for the whole of the Conference Semifinals by setting up picks based on worst- and best-case scenarios; this is something I didn't do in Round 1 ("prepare"). Look forward for a future blog regarding this as soon as we get the winner of the Spurs-Grizzlies series.

28-Apr Points Rank Percentile
Ernie 417 1,923 91%
Charles 412 2,223 89%
Kenny 383 4,678 77%
C-Webb 368 6,366 69%
Myself 365 6,738 67%
Expert 364 6,860 ?

At the end of Round 3, I would like to pass Charles Barkley. He has been a surprise picker; it seems he has gotten a little smarter this year hehe. Also if last year was an indication, these TNT hosts will quit this game at the end of the Conference Finals to concentrate on the Finals. So they will seem to have an edge in Round 3 as they'll be exhausting all the remaining good players before they pack it up. I'll be keeping the standings comparison at the very last date of their participation, for record purposes.

So that's my Round 1 -- below standards. So how has it been for you?


  1. Can you explain me what percentile mean??

  2. There are about 20900 people playing this game.
    Percentile defines where among the masses you belong based on your performance. It is also a % representation of your rank.

    For example, as of this writing, K738K is tops among the players and is ranked #1.. so his percentile is 100% (read: 100th percentile).

    If David Stern is playing this game and he is ranked 10450 (dead middle), then he has 50%.

    If Jersey Shore's Snooki plays this game and is dead last, then he has 0%.

    Formula is "roughly"..
    Percentile = (20900 - Rank) / 20900

    Charles Barkley has a current rank of 2454, so he belongs in the 88th percentile.

    Competitive players will most likely belong to the 80th percentile at the end of this game.
    Veterans of this game, 90th.
    "Pros", 95th.

  3. So, if my percentile is 76% that means that 24% of players are over me, isn't it??

  4. Very good Quark, that's right.

    Ferengi rule of acquisition #74: "Knowledge means profit."

    And congrats on your 76%. Keep pushing.


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