So far LA and Z-Bo..

And since we started this blog before Day 3, I'm going to show first how I am going so far..

Week 1, April 16: LaMarcus Aldridge (35 PRA)
Week 1: April 17: Zach Randolph (42 PRA)

To tell you honestly Day 1 was a rush pick, but it is a pick I am comfortable with. I forgot to register early and on the day itself, I woke up in the middle of the third game. At that point, only the fourth game Portland@Dallas remains, and since I am a huge Mavericks fan, I went on to pick Aldridge. I knew he plays well against Dallas (he's been killing us all season) and that he lives in Dallas and will want to play well in front of his family especially his sick mom. He did play well and had gazillion lob dunks, and threatened to own Game 1. Fortunately Dallas won, so the pick was okay. NBA writer Adrian Wojnarowski predicted Portland in 4.. yeah right!

On Day 2, I thought Memphis and New Orleans were the underdog, and the other two matches were too close for a call this early. So it was a choice between Chris Paul and Zach. According to season stats, Zach plays better on the road than Paul, and I figured Zach will eat up the bigs of the Spurs. Well he did. But as you know I was wrong in a few points at my logic for this date. First, Memphis and New Orleans won against Spurs and Lakers respectively (yay for Dallas!) so the Zach pick was premature. Second, Chris Paul played well on the road with a 54 PRA, something I think he will never reach again against the Lakers.

Oh well, we are still on track. Everytime my pick exceeds 30 that's not so bad. So here is the latest tally: