Rock Me A Thaddeus

First, let me just say.. whoa Melo! 42 Points! 17 Rebounds! 6 Assists. Sure was good timing to pick him in Game 2, with Billups out and Amare's back spasms. Not to mention the Celtics winning and going 2-0.

Now, on April 21, games being played are 2-0 series, so it's easy to single out the Sixers, Pacers and Blazers. If you haven't picked LaMarcus yet, go pick him up as he is the still the top performer among these 3 teams. If you already picked him, go with Granger as he is the next best thing.

Since I already picked those two guys, this date's pick is tricky. The spread-the-wealth tactic would tell me to pick a Sixer. Iguodala is still being clamped down by the Miami defense, and I would wait for him to have one good game first before I pick him. Brand will be able to come back from a 3-point performance and he plays better at home than away (2 points diff) so expect him to be pumped up in Game 3 in front of the home crowd. However, I am not picking Brand yet, as I want to bet on the one consistent player in this series which is Thaddeus Young. He plays well off the bench regardless how Brand plays. We should be able to get somewhere between 24 to 30 PRA from him. It's sad that I am picking a bench player, but for now he is my bet. Besides, he is 3rd in the 6th-man balloting for some reason.

Week 1, April 21:
Thaddeus Young

My alternative pick is Andre Miller. In fact I already chalked him up before changing to Thaddeus. He is also consistent and will get his 18 points (especially likes to exploit Barea's size). If you are not comfortable selecting a Sixer, you can try Andre.

I am not happy with my pick. Actually, I am not happy with the choices on this date. Oh well.. just have to trust the numbers.


  1. you were right on Melo/ Amare's back spasms affected my pick

  2. yeah the amare pick was unfortunate. that back spasm came out of nowhere.

    billups will either be absent or not 100% on game 3, so you can have another shot at melo carrying the load.

    look for billups giving it all on the do-or-die game.

  3. Thaddeus burned both of us last night

  4. thaddeus young pick for the win!!!!

  5. Well that sucked! ::maniacal laugh::
    No excuses, just pure bad pick.
    On to the next.


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