Fee fy mo Mene, Nene!

April 25 schedule:
San Antonio@Memphis (1-2)
Dallas@Portland (2-2)
Oklahoma City@Denver (3-0)
Week 2, April 25:
Nene Hilario
I refuse to believe the Spurs won't rally and beat the Grizzlies, and the Mavs still look in control of the games despite the even series. Down 0-3, the Nuggets are the vulnerable ones.

I was scheduled to pick Nene last game, but backed out due to his groin problem. However, it didn't seem to bother him that game and we can assume that groin injury is history. His numbers are better in the playoffs compared to the regular season. Ok Nene.. you're up!


  1. The site is only letting me pick Nugs/Thunder players. I've emailed their support team. It's too early for the other games to be locked.

  2. @vapor49, try again after 24 hours. sure others are experiencing the same prob. should get fixed soon.

  3. tao- They fixed it by 10AM yesterday so I took Dirk.
    I'm surprised that Ty & the Nugs came through last night.

  4. oh no, you got dirk early.

    and yeah i was surprised with ty as well. his first half sucked, until the second half where he pulled through.


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