The Flop

Ok so the Spurs won Game 5. I said two posts ago that I will pick Tony this game. However, Manu has been great since coming back from injury. He led the Spurs in PRA last game (45); I cannot hope to get that again from him but I can settle for 30+.
Week 2, April 29:
Manu Ginobili
Can't wait for round 2! Let's get this round over with :)


  1. Tony paid off for me. I'm going with Andre Miller tonight.

  2. this round defied a lot of expectations
    can't wait to pick fresh in round 2.

  3. it seems we have the same pick vapor49, kudos to us! :D

  4. notable- Miller didn't do too much. Now tonight will it be a Spur or Griz? Maybe the other Gasol.

  5. pick a spur in game 6
    if spurs lose
    __you save 2 grizzlies for 2nd round
    __pick a grizzly
    __if spurs win
    ____you save 1 spur for 2nd round
    ____you save 1 grizzly for 2nd round

  6. yeah miller didn't do much. bummer! I should have picked Wallace, now I'm down to 88 percentile and Manu didn't do much either *sigh* I hope round 2 gets better for me :)

  7. tao- I wasn't so sure the Spurs would lose. I don't think M Gasol will do much better than the (26) he got for me last night.

  8. M-Gasol was on spot with 26.
    Since you already picked Zach and M-Gasol, you will have to plan the Thunder-Grizzlies series more carefully. You only have Mike Conley left worth picking. I'm sure you are predicting the Grizzlies to lose this series, right?

  9. Yes to the Thunder winning in 5 games. I will have to trust my gut on using Grizzlies.

  10. I'm leaning towards King or should stay Prince Lebron.

  11. And I'm guessing the Jester of the palace is Bosh? hehe


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