Can We Afford Horford?

April 22 schedule:
Boston@New York (2-0)
Orlando@Atlanta (1-1)
LA@New Orleans (1-1)
Week 1, April 22:
Al Horford
The obvious play here is to pick Melo if you have not yet done so, while Chauncey is still hurt. Amare is still healing from back pains so he will not be 100%. For me, I would like to save Amare for an elimination game.

Another option for you is of course Chris Paul. Lakers limited him in Game 2 and he will be looking to pay back at home in New Orleans. Make no mistake, he will give you the points you need. But consider this.. wouldn't he play more aggressively in his last potential game in New Orleans? ;) That is why I am saving him for Game 4 or 6, before he goes to free agency.

Also now that Orlando showed up some muscle, we are ready to pick a Hawk. There are 4 Hawks that are pick-worthy: Joe (30.5), Jamal (28.5), Josh (25.5) and Al (23.5). You can roll a dice and pick whoever, and it wouldn't matter much. Even if they win, you still have 3 Hawks available for the rest of the playoffs. I would like to nitpick though on their records at home versus away. Joe is same home and away, and he is not necessarily the fans' darling. Jamal plays better on the road; and Josh plays the same anywhere so you can pick him. According to the split stats, Al Horford plays much much better at home, scoring 4 more points. He also plays PF in this series as they want Collins wasting fouls on Dwight; so expect Al to run Bass down the court.


  1. Horford has looked a little off in this series. We'll see!

  2. That's because of his knee, and that in Game 2 he got two quick fouls in sat most of the first half where they sorely missed him. The news are scattered with him talking about winning at home and picking it up, so I'm also leaning on him to back up his words with his play.

  3. taong- Horford did play better last night, but your lead isn't safe. :wink:

  4. i know. but i'm still sticking to the plan, even if i will be forced to pick mediocre players. i hope to reap the rewards in the semis.

    same thing happened last year -- 15 times throughout the playoffs i had less than 20-PRA picks, with 6 as lowest. still finished 95%.

    so just keep hanging on hehe.


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