I Am CP3, Human-Cyborg.. [Howard]

April 24 schedule:
Miami@Philadelphia (3-0)
Boston@New York (3-0)
Orlando@Atlanta (1-2)
Lakers@New Orleans (2-1)

Miami and Boston are looking forward to finish early, and noone wants to give the other team a better rest before they meet in the semis. Hence, the Sixers and the Knicks are goners soon. The Sixers lineup and production is too unstable, I don't want them to mess my picks again (::sour grapes::). In the Knicks I only have Amare and Billups left worth picking, and both are injured. Amare sucked so bad the last 2 games -- I can only wish I picked him in Game 1 for 41 PRA. Oh well.

But there are two players that are more than worthy for this date: Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Both players' Game 4 and Game 5 fall on same dates. If both teams go down Sunday 1-3 in their respective series, I don't want to end up choosing between these two players for Tuesday. So I am picking one of them now.

Orlando's Game 5 will be at home so I am picking him then as he will work his ____ not to be eliminated. (Sidenote: I also realize I may not be able to pick Jameer, but they may be able to force a Game 6).

I said I'll pick CP3 in Game 4 for probably his last home game as a Hornet (before becoming a Knick?), and nothing has changed that. First time in a few days I'm happy with my pick. Let's go!
Week 2, April 24:
Chris Paul

UPDATE: Jason Richardson's suspension changes my pick today as the Magic will miss his points and rebounds. While Redick and Quentin can pick up the points, some of the rebounds will surely go to Dwight. Missing Jason also means more probability that the Magic will lose this game. This Jason situation, I reckon, is more important than today being possibly CP3's last home game as a Hornet. Not to mention CP3 having a fresh thumb injury. So..
Week 2, April 24:
Dwight Howard


  1. CP3 got me big numbers in GM1 @ LA!

  2. Yep CP3's 54 was juicy.
    Best pick though that day was Amare's 41 coz of his injury now.
    I picked Zach then n got just 42.
    Wish I have Biff's sports almanac hehe.

  3. I'm going with Superman (DHow) today. Magic may vanish from the playoffs.

  4. Whoa 55 PRA for CP3, but they won (only in this game can one use that BUT clause hehe). I hope he gives me that when I pick him for game 6.

    Meanwhile, Dwight's 46 in loss sets me up for a bonus Jameer pick in game 5.

  5. tao- We're neck and neck in the standings.

  6. happy to get myself back in the game after 2 fail picks


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