Clear and Present Granger

The Bulls and the Heat seems to be handling their own series well at 1-0 (Game 1 winners go on to win the series 78% of the time), so we should pick from either the Sixers or the Pacers.

From the Sixers, the choice pick is Elton Brand. He only grabbed a PRA of 24 on Game 1 but 20% of the people thinks he will play better on Game 2; also none of the top 3 Sixers play better on the road but Elton is the closest to consistent on either home or road. Surprisingly, Thaddeus Young got 32 PRA in Game 1 -- you may pick him but I don't think he will again have that chance. If you already picked Elton Brand, you might as well go for a Pacer.

From the Pacers,  it's either Danny Granger or Darren Collison who posted PRA of 33 and 32, respectively. Darren plays better at home, so I will pick him later at Game 3 or 4 of the series. Granger is pretty consistent: home or road; so I am leaning more on him (and so does 21% of the people).'s expert picked Tyler Hansbrough maybe because he played well the last game. He does post 20 PPG this season against the Bulls, but with Granger and Darren still available, he will have to wait.

The Sixer's situation to me is too unpredictable, especially that you never know when Iguodala will shrug off his injury and take all the stats. If you think Iggy is still far from recovery, go pick Elton. But for me right now, my pick goes to..

Week 1, April 18: Danny Granger

If and only if you hate Miami and love the Sixers, go and pick Lebron James. Dwayne Wade didn't practice because of migraine and combine that with Wade's poor performance in Game 1, The Decision will hog the stats on Game 2. Note: If and only if you hate Miami and love the Sixers.

Have fun picking!