CP3's Last Game As A Hornet

This is long overdue. I had Chris Paul reserved for this game: the night which is probably his last game in New Orleans as a Hornet. There is no other night. This has to be it. Down 2-3, CP3 will be looking to even the series and push it to a game 7. Other than that, he will be looking to raise his price as free agency looms. His game 5 performance was unacceptable.

I think you don't need any further explanation with this pick. You're all grown men and women.
Week 2, April 28:
Chris Paul
Eh? You already picked him you say? Go with Trevor Ariza, he's been lighting up this series.. seemingly wanting the Lakers to regret trading him away.


  1. Love to see Ariza hurt his ex team, but that's a big gamble.

  2. I should have picked Wallace than Miller. tsk tsk!

  3. yeah wallace was big!
    i was saddened cp3 only got 29 PRA, but overall am happy the mavs won :)

  4. tao- Lakers were all over CP3. Wallace has been so inconsistent==so who knew?

  5. I know, right?
    Makes for an exciting and unpredictable playoffs.


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